View Full Version : Need help from European Warseers (NFL Europa)

Light of the Emperor
25-11-2007, 03:17
Hey guys and gals.

I seem to be one of the rare American supporters for the now defunct NFL Europa league. I am looking for a home jersey of my favorite team, the Frankfurt Galaxy.
I was wondering if such jeresys are even still available in Europe or if there are still any online stores where I can find one.

Ebay has not turned up anything I'm looking for...


25-11-2007, 03:39
Take a look here (http://www.bigfans.at/shop1/index.php?sid=x&shp=oxbaseshop&cl=alist&cnid=522436b7882c0e282.40958827)

Or try google as I did ;)

Light of the Emperor
25-11-2007, 04:00
Ha, that's beautiful.
Many thanks!

25-11-2007, 18:48
I think you may be the only fan of NFL Europa