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25-11-2007, 05:04

i was wondering what kinds of magnet people use for both gluing to the bottom of bases for ease of mini storage in metal cases and also for attaching to models for ease of switching weapons out..

any advice would be appreciated..

25-11-2007, 08:18
rare earth magnets from this ebay store i frequent.

Agrip. Varenus Denter
25-11-2007, 11:43
I like to use 1/4" x 1/6" licensed NdFeB, Grade 35 material mags on the bases that I feel the need to add them to. However, they don't work for all conversions - so this article may be of interest (http://www.rgmw.org/2007/10/rare-earth-magnet-and-carnifax.html) for you.

25-11-2007, 11:50
I bought rare earth disk magnets from Emagnets (http://www.emagnetsuk.com/circular-disc-magnets-9-c.asp), who are based in the UK. Their service is pretty good and I'd recommend them.

max the dog
25-11-2007, 17:05
For swapping weapons I use rare earth magnets. Don't get the micro-tiny magnets unless you have to use them that small, they're hard to use and glueing them to the model and not your fingers is darn near impossible. It can be a bit tricky to get a system to always get the + and - consistent or you'll have weapons stick to one figure and fly off of another. I made a set of glueing rods, it's just a piece of sprue with a magnet securely glued to the end. One is marked "body" the other is marked "weapon". If I'm glueing a magnet to a body I'll stick the magnet to the rod marked "body" and use it to place the magnet. As long as I use the correct rods I never confuse magnet polarity. The obvious problem is I have to wait until the glue sets before I can remove the rod and I could glue the 2 magnets together. I use a superglue accelerator and cover the rod magnet with cooking grease. I also pull the magnets apart with a slight twist, tilt, then roll away motion. A straight pull will just yank the magnet right out of the model body.
Another problem is that if you don't position the magnets just right the weapon could be sticking out at an odd angle that you did not intend. A very thin layer of greens stuff could help take care of that.

I don't like using rare earth magnet to rare earth magnet in a model base to display board type of application. The power of those magnets can be stronger than the legs of a model (like a hormagaunt). Plus if the magnets are too powerfull you may have your figures repel each other during a game. It can be better to just glue a metal washer to the model base and put a magnet in the display board. Slotta bases won't allow that so I've used steel pellets instead.

One more thing, if you ever need a big and more powerful rare earth magnet for a big application (like a baneblade to a display board) you could tear apart an old useless hard drive. Usually there's at least 1 or 2 rare earth magnets inside that are 1" square or larger.