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25-11-2007, 10:47
hi all am starting a dwarf army feedback welcome

rune of stone
rune of spellbreakng
master rune of balance
anvil of doom
total 398pts

battle standard
strollaz rune
total 145pts

two runes of warding
rune of stone
great weapon
total 109pts

ten quarrellers total 110ps

twenty warriors
full command
great weapons
total 245pts

twenty warriors
full command
great weapons
total 245pts

ten slayers
full command
total 128pts

twenty miners
full command
steam drill
total 270pts

twenty longbeards
full command
rune of sanctuay
rune of courage
great weapons
total 350pts

this is my first dwarf army list so if there is any probs let me know

Dead Man Walking
25-11-2007, 14:49
Most dwarf armies field 3 units of infantry and lots of shooty. Your fielding a marching army which is my specialty :)

The trick with marching armies is that you want to get stuck in combat (not disasterous combat like getting hit on flanks.) as soon as possible and get as many dwarfs safely across the table as possible. Every point has to be spent wisely and you cant afford expensive characters, you need more infantry to win.

Right off the top;
1. You dont have enough infantry units, to use strollaz you have to keep your army togeather, and with this few units your going to get outflanked. You need to do the flanking to win, dwarfs will stick but they wont win unless they do it in combat resolution.
2. Your runesmth costs 368 points, thats way too much. You could for the same points add in 10 more slayers and another unit of warriors (or 1 hammerer unit with immune to fear and terror rune.) I only field slayers in games of 2150+.
3. Master rune of challenge on a thane. While useless against undead, this puppy will win you games. You will be in combat on round 2 (Or 1!!), and you will dictate your opponents next turn, which will ruin anyones game plan. add in 1+ armorsave rune, +1 magic resistance and greatweapon, your good to go. Stick him in a hammerer unit and you have an instant charge stopper. You will also whoop up on any character on a flying mount, like Tzeentch lord on disk or lvl 4 dark mage on nightmare.
4. Magic resistance, for 15 points on each char and unit that can take a banner you will turn 5 dispel dice into 10+ dice. You will nullify bound items as well.
5. The banner that gives all dwarves in 6" a 5+ ward vrs shooting/magic. You need to get bodies across the table, not leave bodies on the table. WIth this and the magic resistance you can beat off even cheesed out skyre lists.
6. Hammerers. I field 2 of these, and I dont field more because I dont have anymore models. :P The more hammerers the better, stubborn ldr 9 with 3+ save and optional great weapon? yes please!
7 Ditch the quarellers, your army is marchy so dont waste time with shooty. They will just be standing back getting murdered or loosing firing due to blocked sight from your own units.

I typically field a bsb with 5+ ward, magic resist and strollaz. Most people dont attack him because once he gets in combat all his runes are useless, so he survives by being a non-threat. Then Thane with maste rune of challenge, and one runesmith with balance rune and magic resistance. If 2150 or more another runesmith.

For units 1 x20 longbeards, 2 x20 hammerers, 1 x20 miners, 2 x20 warriors and if 2150+ I add another unit of longbeards or slayers. When against a fast calv army I stretch the slayers behind my units in one rank to stop charges from behind.

This army will fight like a dwarf who had his ale slapped out of his hand. :eek: It will leave a lot of dead dwarves behind but with 120+ models you have them to spare. Your tough to kill, hard to break and with enough units you can be doing the flanking or at least protecting your flanks.