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Easy E
25-11-2007, 09:57
What happens to the Necron followers of a C'tan that has been consumed by another C'tan?

Are they simply absorbed into the new C'tan's legions?
Do they shutdown?
Do they gain a sudden self-awareness and look out for themselves?
Do they still follow the last orders of their old C'tan?
Do the Lords calculate revenge?

I was looking through the Codex and it doesn't really talk much about the subject.

25-11-2007, 10:18
I'd guess they simply get taken by the new C'tan as the old ones are leaderless.
Shutting down is rather silly inefficient, self awareness is unlikely considering we've never seen any evidence of this except among lords.

Following the C'tans last orders, unlikely, because those last orders are probably "Oh my Self! Make this thing stop eating me!"

I doubt their lords plot revenge, having that sort of capability would require an uncomfortable level of free will.

25-11-2007, 16:17
It's unstated what happened to these Necrons. The fact that the different C'tan-following Necron factions could war on each other and presumably fire on other C'tan suggests it isn't totally out of the question for a remnant to still obey their dead master's directives. They may not plot revenge per se but they could still fighting a war that in their eyes never ended, and treating all other Necrons and C'tan as their master's enemies.

25-11-2007, 19:49
i assume that the legions of Necrons would just join the other C'tan

Slaaneshi Slave
25-11-2007, 19:53
But its much more entertaining to have legions of C'tanless Necrons roaming the galaxy, killing other Necrons as well as everything else.

The necrons will rise
25-11-2007, 20:01
This is an interesting thought. The codex does not mention anything like it but I suppose the necrons are "absorbed" into the other C`tan`s legion. But the idea of a necron legion without a master is really fun. Maybe something to use in your own fluff?

25-11-2007, 20:16
I'd imagine that a C'tan-less Necron legion would continue to operate, perhaps carrying out some automated "worst-case scenario" function. This could vary from seeking out rival C'tan factions and destroying them, or simply forever marching onward, exterminating all that come before them until they are all destroyed.

25-11-2007, 22:34
Power seems to be their main objective. Destroy every living thing which gets absorbed as energy by thier c'tan master, who then doles it out to the nerons... If necrons had no c'tan master, I think their main objective would be to secure energy.

Burning Star IV
26-11-2007, 08:11
I'd imagine that a C'tan-less Necron legion would continue to operate, perhaps carrying out some automated "worst-case scenario" function. This could vary from seeking out rival C'tan factions and destroying them, or simply forever marching onward, exterminating all that come before them until they are all destroyed.

The only fluff I've read is in codices, so I don't really know, but my guess would also be something like that.

26-11-2007, 09:38
Something that occured to me is that all of the necrons went into stasis, even those whos C'tan were consumed. This could mean a few different things as far as I can tell; that the consuming C'tan added them into their legion, which is not too hard to believe, that the necrons being leaderless put themselves into stasis to await the return of their master, or that the legions lords had retained enough free will to take controll and that they for whatever reason decided that stasis was the best option.

While being added to another C'tan's legions seems most probable, I see these three possiblities as the most probable.

26-11-2007, 21:35
If you read through the Apocalypse book then you can see the command structure of a Necron tomb world. I'm guessing that if a C'tan where to fall then Platinum level command would take over. Quoting from the book;

"...Platinum-level command is not representive of the C'tan, who do not directly interact in the Nodal Command structure in any discernable way."
Source: Apaocalypse, Necrons, pg 163, Games Workshop

Going from this statement it might be possible that C'tan don't usually interact with there minions, and that while they created the Necron race to do there bidding, this is only recognisable in there base programming and that all necrons will follow the will of the C'tans, which ever is in closest proximity. If a Necron world is isolated from the will of a C'tan then it will simply go into hibernation. But I must say it would be interesting to see Platinum level commandes becoming self awair and "remebering" what has occured and turning against there C'tan overlords. Anyways, hope that helps.

Cheers, Rom

27-11-2007, 16:58
Doesn't Xenology feature a Necron Lord who says that they can act independently, but follow orders from the C'Tan (haven't read it myself, but have heard such things)? I like the idea of Necron Lords being smart, but not as smart as the C'Tan, meaning they can lead other Necrons, but follow the C'Tan. So if a C'Tan dies, the Necron Lord leads them onwards, however it sees fit.

09-01-2008, 21:45
mmmmm that necron command structure just gave me a great idea.

looking at structure, there are 1 Platnium level lord, 3 gold, dunno how many silver and dunno how many bronze, imagine a necron fore being led by the triumphert, the 3 gold lords, be pritty scary wouldnt it.

10-01-2008, 05:37
To get back on topic, I don't know if this is a valid question, because I don't remember ever having read anything suggesting that each C'tan directly controls a specific group of Necrons. I could be wrong, but since at least two of the C'tan that still exist are probably isolated from any Necrons, and one of the two active ones is usually operating from within other species, trying to further his own machinations, I see no evidence to suggest that different groups of Necrons correspond with different C'tan.

10-01-2008, 14:48
In a bit of fluff when the 100 Eldar with the Wraithblades fight the Necron's it says when the dude who stapped the 'Bringer with this spear, the 'Bringer exploded. The Necron warriors surrounding the Eldar dropped. This wouldn't be the result of the exploding Nightbringer, but perhaps because it's been defeated.

However, it doesn't make sense if that is the case. The Necrons are nothing but automations and function without a C'Tan in presence.


10-01-2008, 15:06
Ok, think about what we're talking about here, this is back when the C'tan were actually consuming each other, and that is before the Necrons was Skynet lackies. The Necron race invented the necrodermis, which is the metallic skin sheath they wore when they learned of the C'tan. They also coated the C'tan in this same necrodermis, which is why they have form in the physical realm.

Now then, at this point the Necrons aren't mindless machines, they thinking living beings encased in living metal to extend their own pathetically short lives. They never followed a single C'tan and worshipped THE C'TAN not,"that C'tan over there, but not that one to his left." Individual C'tan didn't have their own armies.

10-01-2008, 17:48
well they are only 4 ctan left, as far as we know, the deceiver, the night bringer, the dragon, and the laughing god? is it. im surprised they aint eaten the others ones.