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25-11-2007, 18:45
Here is an army I've been thinking about for a RT tourney coming up.

15 Spearmen w/ Full Command -- 160
14 Spearmen w/ Full Command -- 151

12 Swordmasters w/ Full Command, War Banner, Amulet of Light -- 245
2 Tiranoc Chariots - 170
5 Dragon Princes w/ Full Command -- 200
5 Shadow Warriors -- 80

2 Great Eagles -- 100

Prince w/ Moon Dragon, Lance, Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield, Guardian Phoenix, Blade of Sea Gold -- 537

Lvl 2 Mage w/ 2 Dispel Scrolls - 175

Noble w/ Battle Standard, Lance, Heavy Armor, Shield, Barded Elven Steed, Radiant Gem of Hoeth - 181

Total -- 1999

Mage goes in unit of 14 spears. Noble goes with the Dragon Princes. Plan is to deploy spears flanking the swordmasters in the middle. Dragon Princes, Prince on Dragon, and 2 chariots all deployed to one flank. Great Eagles, and Shadow warriors slow opposite flank, attack war machines, or draw out charges as the situation requires. Cavalry flank charges down the side of the board and smashes that flank while the infantry advance down the middle. Enemy center is hit from the front by my infantry and from the side by my cav as their flank folds. Then wipe up the rest.

My biggest concern is my infantry getting decimated by shooting, specifically the small unit of swordmasters. I'd like to beef this unit up but I'm not sure where to get the points. Thanks for any comments or suggestions!

25-11-2007, 18:57
If I'm not mistaken you can't use a mundane weapon if you have a magic weapon.

25-11-2007, 19:02
Ah, I see that now. Thanks for the head's up. In a WYSIWYG situation, can I field a model holding a spear with a sword on his hip if I only buy the magic sword in my list? To be honest, that's the main reason I bought the spear anyway.

25-11-2007, 19:11
Aslong as he has the sword on his hip and you tell your opponent I see no problem with it.

26-11-2007, 01:13
If ur putting a noble BSB in the DP's, id say drop command other than standard, and take lvl. 2 off of ur scroll caddy to bulk out spears to 20-21 per unit. These size units are more flexible as you can go 7X3 for killiness or 5X4 with one on back for ranks. mayb move the warbanner to DP's too to make a unit that will break most enemies. overall the list looks great tho.

Dead Man Walking
26-11-2007, 01:56
I am not a big fan of using large mounts, espeacially at that cost. I would rather have 2 repeater bows and stick the character on a mounted steed.

26-11-2007, 02:57
Choober: I think buffing my center is a good idea, but do you think I should focus on the spearmen rather than the Swordmasters? I currently feel like they are at their minimum size to be effective and I can't help thinking that if I was the enemy general, I'd try to shoot them to death in order to eliminate the hard hitting punch from the center. Just two units of spear might hold for a turn, but they certainly won't do much damage to any elite units the enemy might throw at them.

Dead Man: I planned on fielding the dragon because 1) I have the model, and 2) I've had good results with it in the past. Last edition I played a 2250 list very similar to this one with a Lord on Dragon, and the 2 bolt throwers that you are suggesting. However, I play a fast and aggressive close combat list and in the tournaments I took it to, I always found that the bolt throwers never made their points back. The bolt throwers would always get left behind on their own and taken out turn 2 by a tunneling team/tomb scorpion/flyers/scouts or any other number of ways.

I always made monster hunting or whittling down heavy cav the primary goal of my bolt throwers anyway, and I think my lord can take care of these jobs anyway. Might swtich from the Blade of Sea Gold to the Star Lance to aid in this job, haven't really decided yet. Regardless, I think the dragon might simply work better with my play style. If you see a flaw in my logic, or further suggestions, by all means, please let me know.

Dead Man Walking
26-11-2007, 03:24
I can see your point, though I have always conscidered that if all you do is pop one guy from each unit of 20 and removed one rank bonus then the bolt throwers have paid for themselves.

26-11-2007, 14:19
Yeah, I'm going to try the list out both ways, see which works better. I appreciate the input.

Does anyone have any preference on Blade of Sea Gold vs. the Star Lance? Blade of Sea Gold is obviously more useful in any combat that lasts more than one round, but the Star Lance makes that first round extra deadly and also has the possibility of smashing chariots to dust...