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25-11-2007, 21:50
Unnamed1500 Pts - High Elves Army

1 Mage
Magic Level 2
Silver Wand
Ring of Fury

1 Mage
Magic Level 2; Lore of Beasts
Dispel Scroll
Seerstaff of Saphery

20 SpearElves
Spear; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; Captain

10 Archers

14 Swordmasters
Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Standard; Musician;
Bladelord Armour of Caledor [25]
Banner of Sorcery [50]

5 Shadow Warriors

5 Shadow Warriors

1 Lion Chariot

2x Repeater Bolt Thrower

Casting Pool: 6

Dispel Pool: 4

Models in Army: 63

Total Army Cost: 1500

Army is all about shooting and magic with 7 - 9 power dice , one very dangerous bound item , and one mage that can choose spells ( fury of khain and arrow attraction will be popular combination ) this army tries to take all enemy shooters in first two turns with magic and shooting then wait or go for enemy itself - it packs quite a punch with nice spearman regiment and swordmasters ... lion chariot is there as a threat element and shadow warriors for great distraction job - ive used them a couple of times and thay work wanders aginst tunnelers such as skaven gutter runners and week enemy flyers...

so what say you ?