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25-11-2007, 22:19
Lizardmen 2000 point list

4th Generation Slann - Diadem of power, Plaque of Divine Protection, Plaque of Tepok, and Battle Standard- 455 points

Skink Priest Extra Level, Dispel Scroll- 125 points

Saurus Scar Veteran Light Armor, Shield, Great Weapon, Charm of Jaguar Warrior, SS of Sotek, (+ 1 more SS worth 20)- 153 points

18 Saurus Warriors full command, hand weapons (With any Blessed Spawning for situation) 266-276 points

18 Saurus Warriors - full command, hand weapons- 246 points

10 Skinks Blowpipes, Scouts- 70 points

10 Skinks Javelins, Shields- 60 points (If Saurus worth 266, option for scouts)

10 Skinks Javelins, Shields- 60 points

6 Saurus Cavalry Hand weapons, shields, spears-210 points

3 Kroxigors Great Weapons- 174 points

3 Salamanders 165 points


Option: Remove Cavalry and spawnings on warriors/JSOD for Stegadon worth 265 for Total of 1999.

I Recently posted my 1000 point list on the site and this is what I've come up with for a 2000 point list. My 1500 point list differs only slightly from this but without the slann and a few spawnings here and there. Comments and tips would be much appreciated for both this list as a 1500 (no slann) and 2000 point army as I am fairly new to warhammer and don't have too many 2000 point battles under my belt. Also any Slann strategies would be helpful because I am yet to play a game with one.

26-11-2007, 01:00
That's not a bad list.

I'd be tempted to give the Skink Priest something to keep him save - either a ward save or a mount, since he's basically the eyes of the Slann.

If you go for the mount (probably a stegadon), you can save points by taking only a single unit of saurus warriors.

Alternatively, switch the saurus warriors for a second group of 3 kroxigors. The leftover points could be a 4th salamander, but try them out first - my usual Lizardmen opponent has bad luck with them, and I can see why he doesn't like them much anymore.

A third option might be a unit of Temple Guard for the Slann, since he needs the protection. I'd be real bad if your opponent manages to get something like a lord on a dragon, or a chaos lord, in base contact....

Much as they are maligned, I think that jungle swarms have their use, and I have had them used with decent effect against me. They are dirt cheap to make yourself, and as such a very worthwhile monetary investment - some spare bases, putty and paint.

Good luck!

26-11-2007, 01:39
would it sound adequate to drop the jsod for a unit of chameleon skinks and then drop a unit of skinks for a JS?

26-11-2007, 05:18
Personally I feel that chameleon skinks are a waste of points compared to regular scouting skinks. Try adding a skink hero to the scouts if you must, in my opinion, instead.

Then again, I am not used to much in the way of scouts, since I've mostly played Empire and TK.

26-11-2007, 06:51
I also don't like chameleon skinks. The other special choices are so much better. The list looks fine to me. I might give the Slaan's saurus the blessing of Quetzl, to increase their durability. On the other had it is very good having at least one unit of scouts. I never give non lord wizards a ward save. If they get into combat then you have made a mistake, and against missle fire they are often far more endangered by a botched panic test than by being shot down.