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26-11-2007, 01:01
I have tried searching to see if this has been raised before with no luck.
(Most likely I fail at searching)

Now on the cover of Fulgrim there are what are clearly 2 land speeders, and very early on in the book it makes mention of a land speeder squadron that must of been cut of by the enemy.

Now should these not be jetbikes? as the Land speeder STC was not discovered until after the HH which is why chaos does not have them, and jetbikes where common place at the time of the great crusade?

Khaine's Messenger
26-11-2007, 01:26
as the Land speeder STC was not discovered until after the HH which is why chaos does not have them, and jetbikes where common place at the time of the great crusade?

Given that Arkhan Land lived "at the birth of the Imperium," it's quite likely that all the discoveries attributed to him (including the Land Raider, the Land Crawler, and the Land Speeder) were in production by the end of the Heresy at the very least. Indeed, the Land Raider and the Land Speeder are attributed as coming as a result of the same expedition into the Labrarius Omnis....although I don't have any sources on whether the Speeder was Land's baby or just named in honor of him thanks to an earlier discovery. Maybe a change from older background (not sure), but probably just one of those things that comes from the Imperium's confusing interpretations of history. I mean, I suppose I could call foul, but that would pretty much be par for the course.

Commander Dante
26-11-2007, 01:38
Maybe they called jet bikes land speeders?

26-11-2007, 03:30
Nah, jetbikes are something else. Khaine's Messenger is correct imo - Land's Speeder (later corrupted to Land Speeder, just as Land's Raider corrupted to Land Raider) is a pre-heresy vehicle. If anything, they were probably more common during the Crusade and the Heresy.

As corroboration, IA2 states that the first Speeders entered service towards the end of the Crusade, seeing service with all arms. The main exception is the LS Tempest, which is first documented in M38.

26-11-2007, 05:25
Well the old fluff has it as a post HH vehicle.

Now if this is changed to it being a late crusade vehicle, why then donít chaos have it now, when they can field every other piece of crusade kit?

26-11-2007, 07:04
I believe the current fluff would be that the chaos forces don't have the resources/expertise anymore to service the antigrav thrusters. Besides that, I don't really think speeders fit the chaos warfare style.

26-11-2007, 18:03
Going back to older background, the Land Speeder was a skimmer design common to both the traitor and loyalist forces.
They appeared in Adeptus Titanicus (and possibly before then), where a short story features a detachment of Land Speeders from the Sons of Horus hunting down a bike unit from either the White Scars of the Space Wolves. Furthermore, the units are both quite large, if memory serves they were approximately 60 vehicles.
That would seem to suggest heavy use in scout formations at the time, particularly since there is not implied to be anything unusual about the situation.

As to why they don't turn up in any of the traitor army lists. I would assume it's simply another effort by Games Workshop to differentiate the various forces in the game.


Commander Dante
26-11-2007, 19:24
after several centuries its possible that most of the Land Speeders have been lost or destroyed and that Chaos does not have the resources or the will to replace them.