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26-11-2007, 02:22
hey warseer,
i just made my first foray into the fantasy world. i bought the empire army. it is a joint between my dad and i. it is modeled off of a 16th century austrian army, what does this mean? i have 2 units of handgunners, as well as halaberdiers. how do i make this into an effective fighting force? as well as where do i expand?

26-11-2007, 02:33
well my moto is flagelents never fail

so i tend to take a warrior priest to make flagelants core

if you want fun i sugest taking the risky weapons like the mortor and hellstorm(i love the look on my oppenents face when i finaly hit with it)

knights are also a really great unit to take mine got hit in the rear last game by a dragon mage and his dragon and beat it in combat and ran it down

also i would make the handgunners into deteachements so that if they flee they wont panic other units and they can b 5 man sqauds

swordsmen are also i really useful unit

ive never tried halaberdiers sry

spear tend to get owned for me

cannons are great

never done pistoliers or outriders but i had a friend use them really effectivly

never used greatswords either but my friends dont seem to like them

the stank has been nerfed in my opinion so i dont use mine anymore

hellblaster is also nice but does blow up often

thats what i have to say

choose your heros by preference

27-11-2007, 01:30
revival, because of vaguity i'm looking for something competitive, but balanced, only a couple of units here and there. a mix so that it's ballanced. i'm not going canon heavy or the like, i just want a mix. a defencive army if you will

28-11-2007, 02:25
Well, if you're going defensive then halberdiers won't do you any good (course i'm the kind of player that brings the most cheese he can get), infantry die horribly fast and don't kill anything so my advice is either do a complete gunline (yes i know you don't like) however if you do you are bound to find that you'll only win half the games you play as many armies will tear you apart. Or instead of playing full defensive, go for counter-offensive, get a Stank and a unit of knights inner circle, 2 or 3 cannons (any good empire player will advise at least 2), one hellblaster if it pleases you and 2 or 3 handgunners. Some scouts will be good to keep some units from marching or making frenzied units charge at forests (yup, did that more than once to chaos knights of khorne, and i loved it too). Also have your lord and a hero for combat, leave 2 wizards to dispel and get 4 dispel scrolls, might look like a waste of 200 points in scrolls plus the cost of the mages, but if you plays against an army of 4 mages, you'll want every one you can get your hands on.

The way of playing is pretty simple, you keep back softening the enemy till he comes into charge range, then break him apart with your chargers and go after his back line.
Against other defending armies advance with caution but in a way as to charge at the 2nd turn and have your artilery blow the enemy artilery.

Perhaps it's not the way you want/like to play, but it's a good one.

29-11-2007, 00:29
Fate has some decent points, but I adon't agree that infantry is dead on the battlefield.

It's very well doable to have 2-3 25+ blocks of infantry (swords or spears, halberds are for detachments) in front of your crossbows and cannon (handguns are, again, for detachments). With something like 3 war machines, 30 infantry shooters and some magic, you'll quickly enough force him to come for you.

I'd advice complementing the above setup with a unit of pistoliers for marchblocking and a unit of knights for flank charges, as well as a BSB in the middle of your infantry line.

That all will be around 1,500 points, so you can add a second unit of knights, or a lord of some sort, or more of the same. Or, if you really must be boring, a tank. Perhaps a luxury like a block of greatswords for your BSB to sit in.

29-11-2007, 15:02
ok ,what is cheese for the empire then?

29-11-2007, 19:20
Empire cheese is something like this:

Arch Lector on War Alter, VHS, Enchanted Shield, heavy armour
BSB, barded horse, full plate, Doomfire Ring (in swordsmen)
Battle Wizard, lvl 2, Rod of Power
battle Wizard, lvl 2

23 swordsmen, FC
detachments of archers & handguns

10 crossbows

10 crossbows

5 IC knights

Great Cannon

Great Cannon


Steam Tank

Steam Tank

All for 2,000 points.

(Mind if I go and be ill in that far corner now, please?)

30-11-2007, 01:55
I can cheese it a bit more for you.

General of the empire - full plate armour, sword of power, holy relic, enchanted shield - griffon.

Captain - sword of sigismund, full plate armour, shield - pegasus.

2 x battle wizard - 2 dispel scroll.

10 handgunners
10 handgunners
11 swordsman

4 cannons

2 steam tanks


Now that's what i call cheese!

30-11-2007, 02:04
Of course, in the list I posted, you could drop 1 tank and change the knights to regular knights, and add another cannon, a second knight unit, and a third unit of crossbows (or handgunners). It's hateful to bring something like that to a friendly game.

I've only ever had one player pick up against me in turn 1, and that was when I had more than twice the number of missile troops as his Khalida list, and more war machines than he had spellcasters. And I had my own casters...

Suffice to say, I wasn't trying to be cheesy, but the sheer intimidation value of all that can disorient opponents. I have made sure since that accidents like that don't happen anymore.