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26-11-2007, 04:57
Just a reminder that this coming weekend is Bizarre Bazaar, Dec. 1 & 2 at all US Battle Bunkers. If you've got a bunch of old stuff to trade or sell for cash, it's a great place to do so. I had tremendous luck at the flea markets back in March and May. I bought some great stuff at ridiculously low prices and sold a ton of stuff for some really good money while making a few fun trades too.

If you have a pile of stuff or just a few items you'd like to sell or trade, you might want to consider setting up shop. Doors open at 10:00 am Saturday, Dec. 1 and noon on Sunday, Dec. 2. At the last Bizarre Bazaar I found a brand new on sprue Hammerhead for $10, a new on sprue Mumak for LotR for $25, and some Eldar Warp Spiders for $1 each. I also bought $340 retail worth of Eldar miniatures from one fellow for $100 and sold a ton of my own old books and miniatures for very good amounts of money. Good luck bargain hunters!

Finn Sourscowl
26-11-2007, 22:03
err... this is a GW event?? Offical? Sanctioned? Why can't they do something like that in the UK?? I'd love to go to something like that! Sounds like my idea of heaven and my wife's idea of hell :D more toy soldiers around the place!!

Have fun, those of you lucky enough to be able to go!

Templar Ben
27-11-2007, 01:06
Yes it is a GW event. Here at least you don't buy the item. You buy a gift card for the amount of the purchase and give that to the seller. That way they must use it to purchase more GW stuff (or sell the card to another third party ;)). It is a lot of fun.

27-11-2007, 02:33
I've been looking forward to this for a long time. I've got a large amount of figures to sell or trade, quite a few of the Rogue Trader era. Might as well let them go to someone who would actually use them (and give me cash in the bargain).

Obnoxiously Huge trade list, Now Even Longer!

Rogue Trader Fantasy Chaos Warrior = Nurgle Lord w/KaiGun (Daemon Weapon)
Unit of 7 Nurgle DeathGuard, 2 Plasmaguns, Icon Bearer, & Asp. Champion.
Cypher, Fallen Angel
Kitbash of Cypher, Fallen Angel
‘Fallen Angel’ Kitbashes
Unit of 9 with Bolters, with Hvy Bolter, and Missile Launcher
Unit of 9 with BoltPistols & CCWs, with 2 Plasma Pistols

“Starship Vermin”
Chaos Lord w Daemonblade, Bolt Pistol, & 4 Chaos Hounds
7 Terminators w/Autocannon, Heavy Flamer, 2 CombiFlamers, 2 CombiMeltas, Icon
20 Marines with Bolters, 2 Plasmaguns
8 Marines with BoltPistols, CCWs, 2 Plasma Pistols
5 Raptors with 2 Plasma Pistols, Champion with Lightning Claws
3 Obliterators
5 Havocs with 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Lascannon

“Thousand Son Wanna-Be’s”
Ahriman (unpainted)
Terminator Lord with Lightning Claws, Spiky Bits (basecoated)
Sorceror on Bike with ForceWeapon, Daemonic Mutation (unpainted)
9 Flamers of Tzeentch/Lesser Daemons
Daemonic Possessed TL Lascannon Predator with Lascannon Sponsons
5 Thralls
9 Rubric Terminators with Sorcerer/Aspiring Champion
9 Thousand Sons with Sorcerer w.BoltPistol & ForceWeapon
9 Thousand Sons with Sorcerer w.BoltPistol & ForceWeapon
9 Thousand Sons with Sorcerer w.BoltPistol & PowerFist (unpainted)
Sorcerer w.BoltPistol & PowerFist (unpainted)
Sorcerer w.BoltPistol & Daemonic Mutation (unpainted)

Imperial Guard:
6 Rogue Trader IG Landspeeders with kitbashed Flying Bases
4 Kitbashed regimental Standards (vs Orks, Tyranids, Eldar & Marines)
20 Necromunda assorted Pistol & CCW
3 Ground Zero Games (Off-Brand) IG MissileLauncher Teams (6 models)

3 Leman Russ (modified to portray all variants, 1 in Penal Legion Colors)
5 Penal Legion Chimeras, 3 useable as Salamanders (1 of those as Griffon Mortar Tank)
7 Chimeras, 2 useable as Salamanders (1 of those as Basilisk Artillery Tank)
2 Inquisitorial Red Chimeras

10 Roughrider Kitbashes on Rogue Trader Bikes (Semi-Assembled)
Enginseer Kitbash with 4 Tech Servitor (look like Skutters from Red Dwarf)
Enginseer (unassembled & unpainted)
2 RT Metal Sansctioned Psykers (unpainted)
Squad of 10 RT Plastic IG, Plasmagun & Lascannon, Sgt Foxtrot w Boltpistol & CCW
Squad of 10 RT Plastic IG, Plasmagun & Lascannon, Sgt Golf w Laspistol & CCW
Squad of 10 RT Plastic IG, Plasmagun & Lascannon, Sgt Hotel w Lasgun
Squad of 10 GZG IG, Flamer & MissileLauncher, Sgt Yankee w Plasmapistol & CCW

Junior Officer Martinet w Hellpistol & CCW, 2 Plasmaguns, Lascannon (Plastic Berets)
Junior Officer “Nicey” Ackerman w StormBolter, 4 GrenadeLaunchers (RT & mixed)
Junior Officer Todhunter w Bolter & CCW, 4 Grenade Launchers (RT & Mixed)
Squad of 10 RT Plastic IG, Plasmagun & Lascannon, Sgt Able w Laspistol & CCW
Squad of 10 RT Metal IG, Plasmagun & Autocannon, Sgt Baker w Axe & Autopistol
Squad of 10 RT Plastic IG, Plasmagun & Lascannon, Sgt Charlie w Laspistol & CCW
Squad of 10 RT Plastic IG, Plasmagun & Lascannon, Sgt Delta w Lasgun & CCW
Squad of 10 RT Plastic IG, Plasmagun & Lascannon, Sgt Echo w Laspistol, square bases
Junior Officer Garibaldi w StormBolter, 4 GrenadeLaunchers (Penal Legion Colors)
Junior Officer Kochanski w StormBolter, 4 GrenadeLaunchers (Red Dwarf Kitbashes)
Squad of 10 Mixed IG, GrenadeLaungher & MissileLauncher, Sgt Ota w Bolter & CCW
Squad of 10 Escher, GrenadeLauncher & MissileLauncher, Sgt Pinky w Lasgun
Squad of 10 RT Metal IG, Plasmagun & Lascannon, Sgt Ramone w Bolter & CCW
Squad of 10 RT Penal IG, Flamer & HvyBolter, Sgt VanSaar w Bolter, Bionic Arm
Squad of 10 RT Plastic IG, Flamer & HvyBolter, Sgt Zulu w Laspistol & CCW

Junior Officer Orlock w Boltpistol & PowerFist, 4 Flamers
5 Spare Necromunda Junior Officers, 4 w StormBolters, 1 w PlasmaPistol
Squad of 10 Metal IG, HvyBolter & Meltagun, Sgt Schaeffer w Plasmapistol & CCW
Squad of 10 Mixed IG w Hvy Bolter & Meltagun, Sgt Bounty w Lasgun & CCW
4 Spare IG w PlasmaCannon, Meltagun, & Flamer
15 Mixed IG w Shotguns
Spare HeavyWeapons: 2 Necromunda HeavyStubbers, 2 RT Plastic IG Lascannon, 2 MissileLauncher Teams, Mortar Team

3 Mixed IG Snipers
10 RogueTrader Ratling Snipers (on 20mm Square Bases)
5 Ogryn, led by Bodyguard/Bone’Ead
Senior Officer w StormBolter, 4 GrenadeLaunchers, Banner, Bodyguard Ogryn kitbash
5 Commissars, 2 Stormbolters, 2 BoltPistol & CCW, 1 PowerFist
3 Mixed Autocannon Crews
3 Thudd Guns
2 Rapier Laser Destroyers, 1 RogueTrader Howitzer
3 Mixed Lascannon Crew
3 Metal 2nd Ed Sentinels (not the egg-on-legs kind) (Penal Legion Colors)
6 Plastic Sentinels (with removable Hunter-Killer Missiles)
3 Sentinel Lascannon (semi-painted)
Flying Hive Tyrant w Scything Talons, TL Devourer kitbash, unpainted
Hive Tyrant w Venom Cannon & Scything Talons
2 Carnifex w Barbed Strangler, Rending Claws kitbashes, one unpainted & unbased
1 Carnifex kitbash in progress (2nd Ed Epic Trygon)
1 Tyrant Guard/Hive Tyrant kitbash
3 Zoanthropes, 2 kitbashed
2 Biovores, kitbashed w metal Spore Mines
Rogue Trader Genestealer Patriarch
Rogue Trader Genestealer Magus
6 Mixed Ripper Swarm bases
14 Plastic Termagants
10 Plastic Termagants (primered)
14 Metal Termagants w Spike Rifles (incl. 2 RogueTrader Termagants)
6 3rd Ed Platic Termagants (primered)
2 Hive Mind & 2 Venom Cannon mutant Termagants
14 Plastic Hormagaunts
14 Metal Hormagaunts
Rogue Trader Genestealer Patriarch with Scything Talons (primered)
16 Plastic Genestealers with Scything Talons
5 Plastic Genestealers with Scything Talons (primered)
30 Plastic Genestealers
3 Plastic Genestealers (primered)
6 Plastic Genestealers – Battle for MacCragge (primered)
3 Lictors (one Off-Brand)
6 Warriors with Deathspitters & Rending Claws
2 Warriors with Venom Cannon
3 Warriors with Scything Talons & Rending Claws
14 Metal Gargoyles
1 Big Bag of Epic & 40K Tyranids Bitz for conversions (Carnifex Conversions)

3 3rd Ed Plastic Marines still on sprue (lots of arm, shoulder, bolter & backpack sprues)
2 BfM Plastic Marines w MissileLauncher & Flamer still on sprue
1 RT Plastic Marine w Missile Launcher (headless)
1 RT Plastic Marine w Flamer (headless)
2 RT Plastic Marines ‘at attention’ w slung Bolters (headless)
1 3rd Ed Plastic Legs still on sprue
2 spare plastic 2-part torsos & 1 spare biker torso
2 3rd Ed Metal ‘armless’ Marines
1 3rd Ed Metal Plasmagun Marine
1 3rd Ed Metal Meltagun Marine
1 3rd Ed Metal Marneus Calgar, pointing forwards
1 Metal Space Wolves Iron Priest, modified
1 Metal Space Wolves Terminator Rune Priest (no arms)
4 Mixed Plastic Marines w BoltPistol & Chainsword

Tau Empire:
6 FireWarriors walking w magnetized arm – Rifle /Carbine swappable
6 FireWarriors bracing w magnetized arm – Rifle /Carbine swappable
12 FireWarriors kneeling w PulseRifles
5 XV25 Stealth Suits w 1 magnetized swappable Burst Cannon/FusionGun
12 Xenos ‘counts-as’ FireWarriors w PulseRifles
1 Etherial
10 FireWarriors advancing w magnetized arm – Rifle /Carbine swappable
10 Wood Elf kitbash Pathfinders, 3 with RailRifles
8 Gun Drones
10 Shield Drones w magnetized Shield – Shield /Carbines swappable
3 Sniper Drone Teams (12 models)
2 containers of magnetized XV8 weapons
9 XV8 “Exodite” kitbash Battlesuits w magnetized Hard Points, 3 primered only
3 XV88 Broadside Battlesuits w magnetized Hard Points
1 “CnC’O” XV8 Battlesuit w magnetized Hard Points (Iridium Armor)
1 “Ninj’O” XV8 Battlesuit w magnetized Hard Points (Vectored Retro Thrusters)
1 “CarnO’Shovah” XV8 Battlesuit w magnetized Hard Points (“Exodite” Farsight)
10 Vespid
20 “Professional Mercenary” Kroot
12 “Gone Native” Kroot-saurs + 2 Kroot Hounds
1 Devilfish w magnetized Hard Points, primered steel
1 Hammerhead w magnetized Hard Points & Turret, primered steel
WIP Objective Marker - Crashed XV8 w Unejected Pilot
WIP Objective Marker - 2 Earth Caste repairing unique Drone
WIP Objective Marker – Etherial cowering in bushes & pile of bodies

Fantasy Brettonian:
2 Plastic Archers, no bases
1 Maiden Sorceress on foot, no base
1 Maiden Sorceress with Warhorse, no base
1 Man-at-Arms Standard Bearer, no standard, no base

Fantasy Lizardmen:
Cold One Rider Bitz (everything but the Cold One bodies, basically)
Off-Brand Triceratops w Crew

6 metal Regiments of Renown Wood Elf Rangers/Wayfarers
2 Wood Elf Special Character “Bird-Man”
1 Mordheim Elf Cloaked Swordmaster/Assassin
1 High Elf Spearchucker Crewman
1 Elf Swordsman Standard Bearer
Various Off-Brand Woodland Creatures

Fantasy Skaven: (All OOP Metal Models unless noted)
Ikit Claw, Clan Scryre Special Character
Lord Skrolk, Plague Monk Clan Pestilens Special Character
Deathmaster Snikch, Clan Eshin Special Character
Grey Seer Thanquol, Special Character
2 Throt the Unclean, Clan Moulder Special Character
2 Grey Seers
6 Rat Ogres & 2 Beast Handlers
4 Plague Censer Bearers
2 Skaven with Censers/Flails
4 Plague Monks
12 Clanrats w Weapon & Shield
8 Clanrats w 2 Weapons
10 Night Runners
5 Warpfire Thrower teams (1 plastic conversion)
5 Jezzail teams
9 Poisoned Wind Globadiers
18 Blood Bowl Skaven
1 Musician
3 Standard Bearers
1 Battle Standard Bearer
22 Skaven w Spears/Halberds & Shields (Stormvermin) Incl Std, Musician & Champion
12 Regiments of Renown Plastic Skaven w Weapon & Shield incl Std
17 Advanced Hero Quest Plastic Skaven w Spear & Shield
Screaming Bell (no crew)

14 Giant Rats (Mostly Off-Brand + 4 more as “Chaos Hounds” with Starship Vermin)
Off-Brand Warlord w Flaming Sword
Off Brand Hero/Assassin w Pistol
Off Brand Plague Monk
Off Brand Standard Bearer
4 Off Brand Jezzail teams
12 Off Brand Skaven/Redwall miniatures
4 Off Brand Skaven/Were-Rat Wizards
+ assorted Off Brand Were-Rats counted as Skaven Slaves.

Fantasy Empire: (All OOP Metal Models unless noted)
20 Spearmen w Shields (mixed with Advanced Hero Quest Plastics)
20 Halberdiers (Newer Plastics)
15 Flagellants
14 Crossbows
21 Longbows (Mostly Mighty Empire Plastics)
20 Swordmen w Shields
20 Halberdiers (Mighty Empires Plastics)
12 Cannon Crew (some Might Empires Plastics)
1 Mortar
1 Helblaster Volleygun
2 Great Cannon (Mighty Empires Plastic)
3 Steam Tanks
1 War Wagon with Crew
1 Empire Noble w 2 Hand Weapons
1 Female Wizard (Brettonian)
18 Heavy Cavalry (Mighty Empires Plastics, some missing bases)
2 Heavy Cavalry Standards (Mighty Empires Plastics)
1 Heavy Cavalry Champion (Mighty Empires Plastics, no base)
1 Heavy Cavalry Champion (Mighty Empires Plastics on sprue, no base)
2 Wizards on Barded Warhorses
1 Wizard on Warhorse
4 Wizards on foot (1 Advanced Hero Quest Plastic)
4 Elector Counts on Heavy Warhorses (1 missing base)
1 Grandmaster of the Knights of the Sun on Heavy Warhorse
1 General w Warhammer on Heavy Warhorse (missing base)
10 unpainted Longbows (Mighty Empires Plastics, no bases)
11 Chaos Blood Bowl miniatures
2 Blood Bowl cheerleaders
2 War Wagon crew (Hochland Long Rifle, Repeater Gun)
Grand Theogonist Volkmar & War Altar
13 Swordmen w Shields (Mighty Empires Plastics)
1 Ogre (Mighty Empires Plastics, no base)
11 Norse Blood Bowl Miniatures
4 Chaos Warriors w 2-Handed Weapons
2 Chaos Knights (Mighty Empires Plastics, no bases)
10 Chaos Marauder Bowmen (Mighty Empires Plastics, no base)

Fantasy Dogs_of_War:
Leopold’s Leopard Company – 14 models New In Box

27-11-2007, 03:22
Absolutely this is a sanctioned GW event. It's been on the Battle Bunker events schedule all year. The last time they did this Mercenary Market/Bizarre Bazaar flea market event, cash exchange rather than gift card purchasing was allowed, at least in the Battle Bunker in Maryland. This may vary however by individual store, so check with your local Battle Bunker for details.

I still have a pile of stuff I'd like to trade, including some classic books and lead miniatures as well as more current stuff, so I'll be setting up shop early on Saturday, Dec. 1 and 2.

27-11-2007, 06:18
I can tell you that if you get a chance to go these are great places to get models cheap and trade away stuff that has been laying around for stuff you want. I totally forgot about the December event. I'll have to see what I have to trade since the wallet is on empty.

27-11-2007, 15:41
Here's a list of just some of the items I'll have for trade or sale at the Battle Bunker Mercenary Market on Dec. 1 & 2 this coming weekend:

-Vortex Grenade Templates for Codex Apocalypse (3) new in box
-Metal Black Orcs boxed set
-Bloodbowl Orcland Raiders boxed set
-Mephiston new in blister (2)
-Empire Rocket Battery (full box set minus only the Volley Gun bits)
-Chaos Minotaurs new in blister (7)
-Empire Wizard blister with foot and mounted
-Chaos Possessed blisters (2)
-Space Ork squad comprising original lead and plastic Orks from early 1990s, fully painted.
-Original Ghazgull Ork new in blister (model made of lead)
-Space Marine blister with wounded Space Marine (models made of lead)
-Assorted older Codex and other GW books, and blisters, Man O' War mast sprues and more!

28-11-2007, 10:25
if anyone happens to have any oop IG left at the end of this, id be intrested in trading with you guys. ( we dont run things like this over here )

28-11-2007, 10:55
I be intressted in any IG tanks/bits.

damn uk we dont have anything like this.....i demand we do!!!

29-11-2007, 18:53
I'm adding one thing to my trade list above, a White Dwarf XXX anniversary miniature, still in box with shrink wrap on. I may also part with an Eldar Bonesinger, though it's such a great looking model, I may have trouble selling even the extra one I have.

30-11-2007, 21:54
I updated my (now amazingly long) list in my original post.

Any WarSeer folk in the Seattle area, I'll see you at the Bellevue Battle Bunker on Saturday December 1st.

Finn Sourscowl
30-11-2007, 22:21
I updated my (now amazingly long) list in my original post.

Any WarSeer folk in the Seattle area, I'll see you at the Bellevue Battle Bunker on Saturday December 1st.

Frowbakk, that is a seriously impressive list of stuff you're selling... shame you're 6000 miles away :D

Totally off topic, but worth saying... love the avatar!!

02-12-2007, 00:13
Frobakk did you make it or did the snow keep you away?

02-12-2007, 00:22
Dang it! I live in the US but the nearest battle bunker is 500+ miles away!!!!GAH!

02-12-2007, 03:45
Got about $120 in cash today at Bizarre Bazaar at my local Battle Bunker, made some great trades and buys. Got my son $170 worth of Eldar stuff for $30! Tomorrow is day 2 of this great Bizarre Bazaar!

Templar Ben
02-12-2007, 13:25
I picked up a 3000 point nicely painted dwarf army for $40. I also got an old board game called Blood Bowl. The old owner didn't play much since the army markers are not punched out. Below is a photo. It was $15.

I also put a photo of one of the squats for sale. They were five bucks each. Naturally, I chose not to buy any but I did grab the photo.

02-12-2007, 17:12
Frobakk did you make it or did the snow keep you away?

It wasn't snowing when I showed up at Noon when the Battle Bunker opened. But when the snow started falling, new people coming to the store dropped off by a large margin.

It's snowing again, but unlike most Seattle drivers I extend my following distance between cars and keep my speed down in the snowy weather. I passed three SUV's in the ditch on my way home. 4 x 4 only helps with low speed steering, not high speed braking, you idiots...

Although it is snowing now, the weather report says it will warm up later in the day and turn to rain. As long as it keeps precipitating it's safer to drive than if it stops and the temperature drops causing everything to freeze.

Enough about Meteorology... I'll be back at Noon today (Sunday) to see what else I can sell or trade away.