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26-11-2007, 18:40
Ok I need a bit of help rounding this list off for tournament play. It already does quite well on the battle field, but I need to use up a few points.

I used to have a Dogs of War Cannon (instead of RBT) Great Eagle and an extra Spearman in one unit, and was a few points under. However to improve my fluff for the tournament I have had to drop my Great Eagle (was really against my fluff but was all I could do to finish off a few points), and the extra Spearman was never useful at all. Had to upgrade the Cannon to an RBT as the tournament won't allow DoW in any shape or form.


Noble: Hand Weapon, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Tremakador's Gauntlets & Amulet of Fire.

Mage: Level 2, Hand Weapon, Ring of Fury & Chariot.
260 (Fire/Shadow Lore)

Mage: Level 2, Hand Weapon, Annulian Crystal & Silver Wand.
185 (High Magic)


10 Archers: Musician.

20 Spearmen: Musician & Standard Bearer.

19 Spearmen: Musician & Standard Bearer.


11 White Lions: Standard Bearer & Banner of Sorcery.

5 Silver Helms: Shields.

5 Dragon Princes: Drakemaster.

5 Shadow Warriors.

5 Shadow Warriors.

Tiranoc Chariot.


Repeater Bolt Thrower.

1945 (55 left to spend)

72 Infantry, 10 Cavalry, 2 Chariots & 1 War Machine (85 Models).

Noble joins White Lions. They are 6x2 and center of my battle line. Flanked by Spearman units. Foot Mage in 19-Man unit. Spears are for Combat Res, Lions flank charge/take on big nasties.

Cavalry on left flank, with RBT. 1 unit of Shadow Warriors deploys ahead. Helms are there to tie-up dangerous units (like things preparing to counter-charge the DP), and Princes are there to neutralise them. Took Helms as they are more expendable (cheaper but as well armoured), used to use 2x5 Princes though, wondering what will play better.

Chariot and Chariot Mage on right flank. 1 unit of Shadow Warriors deploys ahead. This operates a tag-team style, both units supporting the other.

I play very aggressively and everything, bar RBT mores on the attack (ie, including Archers). Maneuverability is the key to games, IMO, and I don't like castling up with such weak-to-shooting Elves.


Chariot Mage stays - made an expensive model, so has to be used. Is very aggressive in nature, tooled to blast enemy units to bits.

Took Annulian Crystal & Wand over Scroll & Seerstaff because it works in multiple turns, unlike the Scrolls. It's dual defense, as enemy looses casting power AND boost dispel. I will mostly be using first spell of High Magic anyway.

I know I am weaker to enemy magic though - the10 Shadow Warriors and 10 Cavalry's aim is to neutralise this ASAP. It's also the reason the Noble has Amulet of Fire, to give me more anti-Magic (albeit only against the one unit)

Musician on Archers works well - get charged, Stand & shoot, flees, rallies, gets charged again (stand & shoot once more).

What are people's thoughts on the list?

What should I do with the excess points - open to all suggestions, but NOT an Eagle, really doesn't fit my background)?

Many thanks for any advice offered.

27-11-2007, 13:00
Try to get a magic weapon for the mage (by casting a spell that gives you one) and then charge the flanks (unit strenght 5 denies flank bonus)! List looks good, just think you might want to have more infantry... but that's just me - always use a lot of troops.

27-11-2007, 22:31
Just been to see Beowulf (oh dear, I know...)

And am now wondering if it is sane in any way, shape or form to drop the Silver Helms and take a Prince tooled out to the max instead. Might mount him, not too sure yet - Beowulf did all his fighting afoot - yet rides about quite a bit.

Kind of a lone, hard-hitting flank unit, designed purely to tear through monsters and the like.

Is this rational in any way, or should I just keep some sanity and stick with the Helms?

The other option would be to loose the RBT and ahve a Monster-killing Prince instead (very Heroic).

Is the prince afoot a good idea - hard to chase down Monsters, but I can position him / unit creep him to get in the right place to strike, so a Horse might not be necessary.