View Full Version : One Kroot many Kroots?

Jonathan =I=
14-04-2005, 17:23
This has been anoying me for awhile now.

One kroot many kroot
just like one sheep many sheep not sheeps

So please its one kroot many kroot.
Not one kroot many kroots

(rant mode off)

14-04-2005, 17:32
Yeah, its just Kroot. Kroots sounds, well... crap. Come to think of it, so does Kroot....

Salty :)

14-04-2005, 18:03
It's Kroot either way, same as sheep, Samurai, Ninja, Tau, etc. etc.

If anyone says different stab them with a metal daemon prince model, I stabbed myself in the thumb with one once, you'd be surprised at the amount of blood.

I still have this weird mark under my fingernail...

14-04-2005, 18:11
I've stabbed myself with all manner of warhammer weapons. I think they are specially made to produce copious amounts of blood from injuries...

Salty :)

Black Ambience
14-04-2005, 21:32
One Kroot, two Kroot, three Kroot, lots of Kroot.

The old old plastic Gretchin made excellent sharp stabby things when left on the floor en masse. I know someone who got a large hole in his foot from standing on one of those.

15-04-2005, 16:27
I think Orks in general are very stabby. Those shoulder plates with the spikes on them can be AGONY!

Salty :)