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Entreri Bloodletter
26-11-2007, 21:45
This is a variation of the OnG list I usually play, I wanted it to be hitty but also be able to have static CR. Its meant to be an all-comers list. Any comments/critisims are appreciated.

Orc Warboss Akkrit Axe, Amulet of Protectyness 170
Black Orb BSB, Mork's Totem, Heavy Armour 164
Level 1 Goblin Shaman mounted on Chariot, dispel scroll 140
Black Orc Big Boss- Blood Axe, heavy armour, shield 141

5 Wolf Riders, spear, mus 71
5 Wolf riders, spear, mus 71
5 Spider Riders, spear, mus 71
3x2 snotling bases 120
21 NG with bows, 1 fanatic, mus 92
21 NG with bows, 1 fanatic, mus 92
27 NG nets, FC 136
27 NG nets, FC 136
24 Orc Boyz FC, shields 174
10 Savage Orcs XHW, mus, boss 120
10 Big'Un Savage Orcs XHW, mus, 145

1 Rock Lobber with bully 75
2 spear chuckas 70
4 Squig Herds 120
1 Goblin Chariot 60

Doom Diver 80

So first off you are probably wondering why I have a character with the Blood Ax? "He can't be in a unit, he's going to get shot", you're probably thinking. Well I've played with him in a couple games and by using him conservatively in the first few turns and taking advantage of terrain he can be a great help. If he supports another unit they are almost assured to break the enemy and by himself he can take on small units. I made him a BO to take advantage of Waaaagh and for heavy armour.

The other characters are pretty straightforward, I kept them as cheap as possible while still being effective. The BOBSB is on foot to best take advantage of 'Armed to the Teef' and since he will be with the NG unit with nets, I find that effective T6 is enough to keep him alive.

I think everything else is self explanatory, but if there are any questions about my setup I'll be happy to answer.

Total Points 2249
Total Models 200
Total DD 6+scroll

Entreri Bloodletter
29-11-2007, 23:39
No thoughts at all? Is my list just that good, or simply that bad?

Bingo the Fun Monkey
30-11-2007, 10:08
It's just that good, imo. Unit sizes are optimized, each unit serves a distinct function. I was skeptical of the Blood Axe Boss but your reasoning would make me a convert. Definitely gotta try that.

The *only* thing I'd do is give your war machines a bully. Since you have a number of goblin units, making them immune to gobbo panic would be a good idea. I find that 2 units of snotlings is just as good as 3 at this points value. So maybe drop a single base and merge the remaining base with another unit?