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Lord Asuryan
26-11-2007, 23:02
I faced a skaven list a while back (2000 points) and was utterly massacred. a lot of the skaven stuff seems really undercost. I play Vampire Counts, and HE.

Vampire Counts:
Blood Dragon Count
thrall on barded mightmare
2 level 2 necromancer
2x20 skeleton
2x5 dire wolf
5 black knight
6 black knight
20 grave guard

he had
3 clanrat regiment(20 each)
2 ratling gun
4 rat ogre
4 rat swarm
2 plague censors
20 plague monks
grey seer on screaming bell
plague lord
20 stormvermin
maybe some other stuff...I don't remember. I'm not exactly a new player, and I got good luck, yet he still massacred me. Has anyone got any tips for facing Skaven with either HE or Counts? It would be much appreciated.

English 2000
27-11-2007, 02:22
I have played a lot of games against Skaven with both HE and VC. In most cases with VC you should have little trouble winning.

I generally run Blood Dragons and my list is similar to yours. Count, Thrall, 2 Lvl 2 Necros. This is more than enough magic to hold my own against even a Grey Seer Army.

Tie the Rat Ogres up with Zombies - don't let them flank you.

Your skellies with light armour and shield for a 4+ save should beat his Clan Rats - it is a war of attrition and eventually he will have a less than average round of combat and autobreak - just be sure to keep your units big 25+

Drop the Grave Guard, Get a third block of skellies and summon like mad as soon as the game starts

Black Knights with the Banner of the Barrows provide hitting power. A unit of 9, wth full command and a Thrall with the Cursed Book will have him crying. The two small units you run aren't scary.

Spirit Host in the flanks of blocks, or hit nasty stuff like Rat Ogres, Plague Censor Bearers etc.

Use the Dire Wolves to chase down his ratling runs - IIRC they have 14" range - if the wolves die, oh well, your army relies mostly on the stuff that can be summoned back against skaven.

As for HE, I run an infantry heavy list - I did so before the new book came out and generally crushed Skaven, with the new list unless he goes for SAD I wouldn't be too worried. Your spearmen will utterly crush his clanrats and storm vermin. Send 6 Dragon Princes into his Rat Ogres (try to get the 5+ ward save spell off on them first). You might lose a couple, odds are you'll run his unit down.

27-11-2007, 02:53
he ran a horrbile skaven army, took alot of pricey units that arent worth thier weight, id say you lucked out :/

Dwarf Runelord 45
20-12-2007, 01:23
Use fear and terror to make him flee off the table.