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27-11-2007, 00:11
I want some comments on this list. I'm going to play vs. Cult of Slaanesh but I don't know what list he use to play with (never played him). We are playing 2250 pts battle.

Here is my SGN-MF

Grimface (Black Orc Warboss)
Armed to da Teef, Heavy Armor, Bigged's Kickin' Boots
The Warlord goes with the Big'Uns. When I call for Waaagh! I have 3 units that is surley will be moving on. He can smash 6 S6 or 5 S7 attacks.

Bozakk Basherbelly (Black Orc Big Boss Battle Standard Bearer)
Armed to da Teef, Heavy Armor, Mork's Spirit Totem
He will be with the spear orcs. Good protection with spears and can use choppa if needed.Spirit Totem for some Dispel Dice

Hogface (Mounted Orc Big Boss)
Light Armor, Shield, Martog's Best Basha, Ironback Boar
Will ride with the 6 wolf strong goblin fast cav. Only 14" move but that will do to get a charge in turn 2. Ironback Boar for extra impact.

30 Black Orcs
Musician, Standard Bearer, Armed to da Teef, Heavy Armor, Shield
+Gork's Waaagh! Banner
Maybe too big unit but it will be scary for the opponent. With Waagh! Banner I will get another d6" on the charge. Use it when calling the Waagh!

20 Black Orcs
Musician, Standard Bearer, Armed to da Teef, Heavy Armor
A big solid unit that can take care of themself.

24 Orc Big'Uns
Musician, Standard Bearer, Choppa, Extra Choppa, Light Armor
+War Banner
The Warlords unit. Will make lots of damage when charging.

24 Orc Boyz
Musician, Standard Bearer, Choppa, Spear, Light Armor, Shield
BSB solid unit. Try and keep the ranks to have dispel dice.

30 Goblins
Musician, Standard Bearer, Hand Weapon, Light Armor, Shield
Trusty gobbs! Rankbonus, outnumbering, banner and nice 4+ armoursave. Use as backup if the BSB unit is falling apart or charging the small units.

Goblin Wolf Chariot
Extra Crew
Fast attack!

Goblin Wolf Chariot
Extra Crew
Fast attack!

5 Goblin Wolf Riders
Musician, Short Bow, Spear, Light Armor
Harasing unit (if the don't get shot at).

6 Goblin Wolf Riders
Boss, Musician, Spear, Light Armor
With the orc boss on boar this unit can probably trash some of opponents units.

Stone Trolls
One bodygurad to the warlords unit. Try to take out repeater bolters (if he has any).

Stone Trolls
Maybe do as with the first troll.

Total Roster Cost: 2247

Entreri Bloodletter
27-11-2007, 01:33
Interesting list, seems like it hits quite hard with all those BO units and Big'Uns. I would take 5 BO from the big unit and put them in the 20 strong unit. That way they are equal and can both takes casualties and be effective.

The only main problem I see you having is that your army is slow. You are very likely to get outmanuevered, especially against the Cult of Slaanesh. I see your list being vulnerable to enemy artillery and ranged attacks because you only have 2 wolf rider units, 1 of which has a character and will get targetted early on. That means you have 1 unit which has to be a diverter/war machine hunter/mage hunter all in one. I would downgrade the Big'un unit to make points for more fast cav.

Other than that it doesn't look too bad, have you tried it out yet?

27-11-2007, 08:57
Other than that it doesn't look too bad, have you tried it out yet?

Nope, it's my first time with this list.

I will calculate with the downgrade of Big'Uns and see how much golblin wolfriders I can use.

The BO stay as they are, mainly becuse of the 30 units is the new in plastic and the 20 is the old metal ones. Looks nicer :)