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chaos god
15-09-2005, 10:07
Hey today I was thinking what would be the most used search engine on the world wide internet.

I personally use google or ask.com. They just seem to give me just what im looking for and more. :)

15-09-2005, 10:22
Google has a convenient bok on the top right of the window in Safari, so that's what I use.

15-09-2005, 10:32
Google. Simple.

It's the best and most common.

15-09-2005, 11:14
Google finds the thing you want in your spare time.

At work use altavista, its still the biggest search engine i think.

The boyz
15-09-2005, 11:28
Google, for me.

15-09-2005, 12:54
Google but before that i used dogpile.com which did seem to be pretty good

15-09-2005, 13:01

though ill go to other sometimes..

15-09-2005, 13:49
I'm a Google person myself.

15-09-2005, 14:05
There's a reason the smart people bought google shares asap. :)

15-09-2005, 14:09
I remember back when Yahoo was the search engine... then I used Excite for a while. Then came Altavista, which was the first really powerful search. Now Google is the best.

15-09-2005, 15:51
Google all the way for me, if it's not there then it's probably not worth reading, or lies. Everyone knows that if google finds it then it's true.;)

15-09-2005, 16:10
google, mainly cos its in the firefox browser so you dont need to open a window

Sgt John Keel
15-09-2005, 20:20
google, mainly cos its in the firefox browser so you dont need to open a window
Haha. Just press the [G] in the search bar, and you can change which search engine you want to use.

But yeah, Google. Mainly because it's faster to load than Altavista, and it's easier to write.


Yog Sogoth
15-09-2005, 22:19

I've already won a free movie ticket and a buddy of mine won $20.

15-09-2005, 22:53
Google seems to read your mind and give you exactly what you asked for.


15-09-2005, 23:18
Best? Altavista.

Prettiest? Google.

16-09-2005, 03:05
Haha. Just press the [G] in the search bar, and you can change which search engine you want to use.

Yeh i know, but thats more effort then juyst typing and pressing enter:D

16-09-2005, 10:13
Google every time for me.

Freak Ona Leash
16-09-2005, 10:29
Google. Because Altavista is a tool of Satan.

16-09-2005, 11:42
Altavista. Because Google is a tool of Satan.

16-09-2005, 15:16
I used to use Altavista all the time, but then when I didn't find something with it that I was looking for, I used google and it found it right away, so then I just took out the middle man and use google all the time.

also on my home page (my schools page's for schedules etc.) there is a link to google so that's nice.


Sgt John Keel
16-09-2005, 21:22
Altavista. Because Google is a tool of Satan.

Aha! I have discovered a schism in the church of Internet. Commence the Crusades!


Kargos Bloodspit
16-09-2005, 21:53

as you can see, the top three visited sites in the world are:
then google.

However, since yahoo and msn offer other things than searching, im willing to bet that Google gets the most searches.

edit: oh yeah and google uk is the 9th highest, so combining those two together would make the highest easily.

Sgt John Keel
16-09-2005, 22:02
What! No Warseer! Blasphemy. :p

I noticed Altavista were at 69, and the porn were quite a bit down. Are the Internet aquiring some morals? :(


16-09-2005, 22:06
Nah.. people who need pr0n have other means than search engines to aquire it. :p

I use google as it's included in Firefox. I usually find what I want with one or two searches.