View Full Version : Alternate SAD List without Jezzails, Warp Fire Throwers or Ratling Guns

27-11-2007, 02:11
Just a thought for a 2,000 shooty Skaven army that works well, without Jezzails or attached Ratling Guns/Warp Fire throwers.
2X 40 Clanrats: Shields, light armour, Spears, Standard, musician. 510 Points
2X 40 Clanrat Slaves: musician. 168 Points
2X 20 Night Runners: Hand Weapon, Slings. 360 Points
2X 10 Poison Wind Globadiers: Poison Wind Globes, Hand Weapon. 200 Points
2X Warp Lightning Cannon. 200 Points
3X Warlock Engineers:Warp Blades, Hand Weapon, upgraded warp-energy condenser, super charged warp-power accumulator, Warpstone token, one equipped with Storm Daemon 280 Points
1X Grey Seer: Hand Weapon, Warp Scroll, 5 Warpstone tokens. 275 Points
Models: 224, 2 War Machines Points Total: 1997 Points
Myself, I find ratling guns too unreliable, and Warp Fire throwers as a bit pricey. I tend to shy away from Jezzails for the high cost and very few shots, And yet I like Skryre and Eshin the best, not leaving me with much:eyebrows:. Soooo... I came up with this army, giving me plenty of mid range firepower on the move, with the globadiers to shut down heavy armour and warp lightning cannons to melt everything, including my own troops:evilgrin:. The clans rats are an uber expensive 6 points a pop, but the spears mean they actually get to fight. Slaves simply for cannon fodder and threatening the flanks. I deployed the clanrats, each 5X8, close to each other, with a Warlock and the Seer between them. Each flank, A warp Lightning Cannon at the battle line screened by a unit of globadiers, With the far side a unit of night runners, with the flank held by a slave unit to tie up flankers, last two engineers mixed in near the globadiers as needed. Simply, everything advances at a leisurely pace, opening up with everything and burning the Warpstone tokens first couple of turns, to exhaust their scrolls, and get stuck in. Melee is no reason to stop shooting, and shoot in and through combat with reckless abandon: blowing away a dozen rats is a fair trade for a few knights. If my opponent tries to charge straight in with cavalry, I let him: then throw warp lightning, slings, poison wind globes, and shoot straight through with the cannons. If he plays hard to get, the cannons are fast and long ranged, and everthing else can move and fire. So far, the list has done very well, the skirmishers and numbers too much for gunlines, the globadiers and engineers tearing apart knights, and the underestimated sling claiming victims from Chaos warriors to a bone giant. Some people look askance at the dual Warp Lightning Cannons, but breath easy after seeing no Jezzails or ratling guns. I think the list it fast and flexible, able to move and reposition well, can hold ground and dig in, and can deal with anything apart from mass panic. Opinions? Cheesy? Bland? Interesting?:D

27-11-2007, 02:54
20 man units of ld6 skirmishers are a bad idea, same with the ranked units its a bit overkll. Also wind globes arent very effective too short ranged.

27-11-2007, 04:18
I run such huge units because it take more fire to panic them. I expect the night runners to bolt for a table edge by turn three, but they draw a huge amount of fire away from the globadiers, and if you ignore them the slings can do damage threw weight of attacks. Point is to draw fire away from the characters, globadiers and cannons, and crush them through weight of numbers and indiscriminate fire from the globes, Warlocks and cannons. sometimes works incredibly well, sometimes things explode and puree rats, and sometimes panic routes the board. Point is, more resistant to gunlines than shooty skaven, and less dependent on high power shooting- number of shots over strength. Just a different take, and refreshing to play with or against.

27-11-2007, 09:09
...Wouldn't that make it a SA? (No 'Death' ;) )

Looks more like a horde than a shooty army to me. Your shooting's pretty negligible until you get into close range, and then you've only got ~1 turn of doubleshots off the slings before you get charged - and then you're basically 100% static combat res.

Point is to draw fire away from the characters, globadiers and cannons,
That's kind of depending on your opponent to be incompentent, though. :)