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27-11-2007, 07:57
Tear this list apart as best you can. I've got my invite to the Canadian Grand Tournament in May. I'm putting together Tzeentch Beasts now so I can perfect them by then. What do you think:

Beastlord of Tzeentch:
Staff of Change, Armor of Damnation, Great Weapon - 336
Wargor of Tzeentch:
Battlestandard Bearer, Staff of Darkoth, Heavy Armor - 184
Exalted Champion of Tzeentch:
Spell Familiar, Chalice of Chaos, HW and Shield - 222

Bestigor Herd of Tzeentch x12:
Banner of Wrath - 244
Beast Herd:
Gor x15, XHW, Full Command, UnGor x10, Spear - 180
Beast Herd:
Gor x5, XHW, Full Command, UnGor x6, Spear - 94
Beast Herd:
Gor x5, XHW, Full Command, UnGor x6, Spear - 94
Chaos Hounds x5 - 30
Chaos Hounds x5 - 30

Horrors x15 - 225
Horrors x12 - 180
Horrors x12 - 180

Casting Dice - 11
Dispel Dice - 6
Bound Spells - 4

Plan is for the Lord and the BSB to run with the large herd. Maybe ambush the other two, maybe not depending on situation. The Exalted Champ joins the large unit of Horrors to bump it up to US 16 for spells and give them some survivability.


28-11-2007, 13:33
characters don't count for horrors spells, give the exalted a halberd as well as the shield

you have too many gors in your large herd swap the numbers round 8 gors 17 ungors

drop the larger horror unit for some minotaurs with gw weapons, or similar, to deal with knights and dwarfs, units of 3-4 work best

if you can get a unit of 3 screamers or 6-8 furies

I do like the list, especially the character combos, other than the points given above