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15-09-2005, 13:09
ok, first off, the 2k lists.

just a solid amount of damonettes, dishing out shedloads of attacks, with a hero in each.

then never run, and should reach the enemy withtin a few turns. if the get march blocked, i can send the daemon prince to do the same to enemy units.

slaanesh daemon horde 2k

exalted daemon- lvl2 wizard, soporific must, daemonic splendour, mark of slaanesh=380

daemon herald, mark of slaanesh, daemonic splendour=160
daemon herald, mark of slaanesh, daemonic splendour=160

26 daemonettes, full command, unholy icon=475
24 daemonettes, full command=395
24 daemonettes, full command=395


its a little low on the magic, i know, but with everything having a ward save (upgraded from a daemon save!) i cshould be able to wither a bit untill i reach enemy lines. the same goes for shooting.

now the 3k.

again, the solid core, but heors have been upgraded. now 2 exalted daemons, and a daemon prince. hes 10 points less that the KOS, but has a better ward, andr e rolls to hit, and can fly if need be.
he goes with the 26 (forming a unit of effectivly 30), and his drinking buddies (the exalted damons) go with the units of 21 (making for an equivilant unit size of 25).

the pleasure seekers rush on ahead, and pick out anything nasty, and deal with it, as do the chariots. these 3 things should rech combat by turn 2, and hold up supporting, and hard hitting units.

if there are warmachines, i can get my exalted daemons out of their hidey holes, and send them after cannon crew, and scouts.

and just reading, daemon princes arent large targets, so they cant be picked out of unist can they, exept with things that allow it.
still, heres the list-

daemon horde 3k

daemon prince- lvl4 wizard, soporific must, daemonic splendour, soul hunger, mark of slaanesh, aura of slaanesh=615
exalted daemon- lvl2 wizard, soporific must, daemonic splendour, mark of slaanesh=380
exalted daemon- lvl2 wizard, soporific must, daemonic splendour, mark of slaanesh=380
26 daemonettes, full command, unholy icon=475
21 daemonettes, full command=335
21 daemonettes, full command=335

4 pleasureseekers=220

chariot of slaanesh=130
chariot of slaanesh=130


this list has a decent bit of magic, so can cast back, as well as being defensive. and as well all know, slaanesh magic rocks! hopefully i can get my big daemonette unit, with the daemon prince, so they hit even harder, and even get the anti instability spell on them, making them unbreakable, and stopping them from popping!]

and being able to move around enemy units, and the odd magic missle is handy as well.

right, ive never used a daemon horde before, so pointers are welcome. although i knowmy units are big, but i find that big block hit hard, and in this case, become an orgie of pain.

joy! orgies!

15-09-2005, 21:00
To have 26 daemonetts in one unit is crazy. =) I don't think your lists will work. You will probably be outmanouvered and flanked.For the 2k list; I would go for a maximum of 20 daemonettes. Something like 3x15 and 2x10 would get more daemonettes into combat instead of just sitting at the back of the unit.

16-09-2005, 00:59
Like Crispus says... daemonette units don't need to be that big. Maybe one 20 and two 16's. Give a herald the Greater Icon so you can reroll instability tests... it can make all the difference.

Exalted and Princes are unit strength 3, so they need a unit of 5 or more unit strength 3 models within 5" to claim cover.... Hard to do.

Prince at 3K as lvl 4 wizrd is very expensive - ditch and take a Greater Daemon if you want a level 4 wizard.

Also I'd take an exalted, prince (or Greater Daemon), plus herald at 3K. Both level two wizards. Give a prince MOS, soul hunger and Ether sword so he is a heavy cav killer - as nothing else in this army can deal with them easily.

16-09-2005, 17:31
you may wanna cut down unit sizes in the 2k and add flanking units, i don't know alot about slansh but go here it's a deamon legion foroom it's gr8 you'l get alot more advice there http://s7.invisionfree.com/wyrmling_x/index.php?act=idx

16-10-2005, 16:00
Two heralds in 2k game are not worth their cost, put one of them away and buy Greater Icon for the other one.
As said before - units of 'ettes are too large, make them smaller and buy some support for them - e.g. Mounted Girls to go flanking and to hund machines.