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Big TM
27-11-2007, 18:36
Hi, This is my first attempt at a Demon list. I have never collected a fantasy army before, and am planing to start this one soon.

Exalted Demon
-soul hunger
-master of sorcery
-power vortex

10 horrors

10 horrors

12 furies

5 screamers

Any comments welcome

27-11-2007, 22:01
Ouch, ouch. Of the 4 units you have chosen, only the furies are quality. Horrors are amongst the weakest chaos units in existance, and screamers are too situational in my opinion.

If you *really* like horrors, make them a unit of 20 (and add a champion so they are 21 strong), but reserve that for 2,000+ point games. Otherwise, ditch them.

Furies are excellent, although 12 is on the top end of how may models are useful in a unit. Still, they are in general a keeper.

Screamers, well - there's better choices.

Bloodletters are good, although they need a screen of something cheap and disposable (perhaps warhounds?).

Plaguebearers are very durable in melee, but as with the bloodletters they need a screen or they'll suffer badly from shooting.

Flesh Hounds and Daemonettes are fragile but excellent war machine hunters. Take a unit of one or the other.

Make use of your special choices by taking a beast herd or perhaps a unit of marauders on foot for some cheap numbers. Reserve 1 special slot for chaos knights, a minimum size unit (4) is a good body guard for your general, if his or her move is good enough to keep up.

Last but not least, have fun! Figure out what flavour you like, and pick units to match, So, if it's Slaanesh, take those daemonettes, etc. Have fun!

PS. I am not a chaos players and will leave a discussion on characters to others. An Exalted Daemon is a good start, but I'd cut down on the magic toys myself, at least at 1,000 points.

Big TM
28-11-2007, 06:41
I like tzeench, which is why I stuck the horrors in there. Also horrors arn't able to have champions, all though they can take up to 4 flamers. But I like them cus of there magic. If I dropped them from the list, that leave me with 300 points to play with. I think Il take moT off of my exalted demon, so that leaves me with 375. This way I can take non tzeenchian demons. I want to stick in a unit of bloodletters. If I take one unit of 15 with a full comand thats 25 leaving me with a hunded points to spend. Dont know what to do

Big TM
28-11-2007, 06:42
I could ake the horrors up to 16, and have 10 points left, or I could take anoher 5 bloodletter and have 5 points left. I like the idea of a big block of bloodletters

28-11-2007, 13:06
I would just get a exalted champion of tzeentch with chalice of chaos and spell familiar, halberd and shield as your general

have the horrors at least 11 strong with some flamers
keep the screamers and furies
get a unit of minotaurs with great weapons or similar to counter knight units

Big TM
28-11-2007, 18:50
Thanks u guys, I have a pretty good Idea of what I want now