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27-11-2007, 23:52
I was making the Lothern Sea Guard army from Storm of Chaos until rumors of the High Elf book started to come out so I put it on hold. Now that the new book is out Im starting to work on it again, and was wondering what would you put/suggest in the army. I planned on having 3X15 man seaguard units (they are core now right?), some shadow warriors, a bolt thrower and an eagle. The army doesn't have to win all the time as it's more of a fluff list, but winning once and a while or having a good chance would be nice. :)

28-11-2007, 00:10
I would say you should drop the eagle and put in another bolt thrower. Also, if you could fit in some reavers that would help out with redirection a ton. Maybe your list would fare a little bit better if you only used two seaguard units and used the points from the third to take an elite counter strike unit. I really fear that if the enemy hits your lines st 3 attacks may not be enough. Just my two cents though. Good luck!

28-11-2007, 02:41
I agree with weapon-x in that ur going to need strength. Also, i would say either take shadow warriors OR an eagle, and probably an eagle cus theyre cheaper, cus ull need the points to bulk out ur LSG units. Id suggest with LSG use as u said 3X5 cus then u can line up 8 front rank 7 in back rank for shooting, then reform, stand and shoot, and fight in three ranks. Again tho, as much as that sounds good and is effective, its all S3, so any resilient units wont be too bothered by it. Id suggest either WL's, cus at one point they worked with the LSG in the old fluff, or SM with some creative fluff of ur own. SM would be good cus they hav the offensive capability and with your army shooting so much, they probably wont be getting shot back at, so the extra save of the WL will be unnecessary. Also, i would suggest going very magic heavy if able, as this will devastate the enemy at range when combined with ur shooting, and will soften the enemy up a lot for combat, which will be a good thing if u include a heavy hitter beside ur LSG.