View Full Version : demon army - what should i get?

28-11-2007, 07:47
hi, i hope this is the correct thread.
before ruinous powers and the disgustingly bad new daemonettes arrive, i am looking to put together a small, 1.5 - 2k army. the only problam is, i dont know what to go for! i was thinking 2 units of 15 daemonettes, just to get the models before the new ones come out, and then nurglings just for the fun og having nurglings. if i go to 2k, i was wondering which greater daemon to get. it wont be the bloodthirster, as i have had enough of them, and should i get the forgewrold version? i was thinking the forgeworld keeper of secrets, but im not sure. i need to be accurate with points and models, as in an all metal army, bar some chaos warriors to fill a special, i cant waste money on unnecessary models.
any comments on what to get would be appreciated

28-11-2007, 08:48
I would say that although the forgeworld models are damn sexy, they are a little big for the table - most of the greater daemons are huge models (although id say rightly so) which does give you a few issues however on the gaming table, as people can than put a dozen or so units into b2b contact with it at once...

Also, if you want a number of different daemonic units (i.e. daemonettes and nurglings) you would actually need to go for a daemon prince with the undivided mark, otherwise you have to go for all the same mark unf. Hopefully something that will be remedied when they finally get around to re-doing chaos for fantasy.

28-11-2007, 09:21
Just buy some metal daemonettes. :D I have fifty of them (bought thirty recently) and I am painting like crazy these days. I didn't want to get stuck with the butt ugly plastic ones but other than that I wouldn't buy anything else.

That's because first of all they demons are all metal so you will pay a truckload of money to assemble a 2k force. Second I really dislike the rest of the daemon models. Bloodletters are worse than the new plastic ones and plaguebearers are awful.

In the end it will depend on how much money you are willing to spend. Metal daemons and especially the FW stuff are expensive as hell. Besides in a few months time the book will be out and we will know which daemons get new models way before that. Wait and see for yourself when that time comes whether you like the new plastic ones or the old metal ones. No sense spending a huge amount of money on models you might regret bying when you see the replacements.

28-11-2007, 16:54
i will probably go for a slaanesh army, with some daemonette units (probably 3 X 15) and some mounted daemonettes. then a lord of slaanesh and some chaos warriros with mark of slaanesh, and some chosen, then probably a large unit of marauders to bulk the list out. maybe a mage or 2 as well, as i like slaaneshi magic.