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28-11-2007, 09:35
well, im a WHFB noob, only played 3 or 4 games but im a full 40k convert:rolleyes:
anyways, id like a hand with my list please
i played 3 games with 2000 pts so far and lost 2 (both goblins :wtf:)
and won 1 (wood elves)
ere it is:)

-additional HW
-mark of slaanesh (M.O.S)

-great weapon
-barded steed

-lvl 2 upgrade
-dispel scroll


-additional HW

-additional HW

-light armour






any thoughts?

28-11-2007, 09:59
Marauders wont survive long in a unit of 15, you'll need at least 20, 24/5 is best though.

a single lvl 2 mage is useless in 2k, you wont be getting many/if any spells off all game, best to turn him into a caddy (that's lvl 1 with 2 scrolls).

9 knights is overkill, also almost everyone upgrades them yo chosen, giving them 2 attacks and a 1+ save. should be 325 for a unit of 5 with full command. Think this gives you enough points to up the unit of marauders to 20 now.

Do take a look at the Slaanesh magic lore, IMO it is the best in the game. Most Slaanesh users take heavy magic, doesn't matter that you haven't, but you might like to make a variant army list? one with mages in and try them vboth out?

28-11-2007, 10:00
Hmm, while im no chaos expert, i would say that a. you have the points wrong on the Lord - that would be 374, as the chariot has to have the same mark as the rider.

Anyway, other than that id personally tool up the Lord a bit more first, give him something like armour of damnation then maybe blade of blood and pendant of slaanesh? At least a halberd rather than the 2nd hand weapon however!

Also, id stick him on a steed of slaanesh personally, as the chariot leaves him vulnerable, and isnt that quick either.

Exalted champ - no point in the GW, Halberd is better. Ideally though, stick him on a steed of slaanesh as well. You could give him something like bindings of slaanesh then, so that you can run into enemy wizards and force them to accept challenges with them.

I do think however that youre missing out on the magic front - with access to some of the best magic in the game, id personally replace the lord with a lvl4 exalted sorceror, with a Chaos Daemon sword on a chaos steed in a unit of chaos knights.

oh, and 9 knights is too much - better having a unit of 5 and 4, one with a character in.

Id personally either increase the marauder unit or drop it too - 15 arent particularly effective imo... Oh, and Daemonettes arent that much cop. Spawns of Slaanesh on the other hand, great.

28-11-2007, 10:24
You actually won a game versus the treehuggers with that list? :wtf: Anyway about your army list...

Drop the chaos warriors. They are slow (something that doesn't work well for an army like chaos who need to get in HtH as soon as possible), expensive and not that killy unless you make them chosen (which makes them even more expensive). If you are so dead set on using some use 12 (six wide two deep) or 14 (seven wide two deep) chosen. But I am betting they will either get shot to death or they will spend all of the game chasing after something without ever actually reaching it.

Moving on to marauders they are actually better than chaos warriors. Yes they are slow but they are also very cheap. Marauders however are not good at killing stuff (many times worse than chaos warriors). In order to win battles you need first of all to beef up their numbers. Make them 25 (or even 30 if you expect to go up against a shooty list) so they will make it into combat with the +1 for outnumber and +3 rank bonus. Arm them with hand weapon/ shields and have a hero armed with great weapon and helm of many eyes to babysit them (my favorite combo when I field marauders). When they get charged the hero gets to strike first inflicting some casualties on the charging unit leaving fewer attackers to strike at your marauders. Then the marauders strike back (hopefully killing something) and you should win combat by your rank bonus, outnumber and kills.

On to chaos knights. NEVER EVER use that many chaos knights in a unit. Chaos knights win combat but killing stuff. So scrap the nine knights and find the points to field two units of five-six. Make one unit chosen and put a mounted character in the non-chosen unit. Chosen don't need him and regular ones could use his help better. Give chosen the rapturous standard (always fun for most enemies to hit you on 5's) and the non chosen a warbanner (+1 combat resolution).

Chariots are good as they are tough and can do much damage with their impact hits. But refrain from using them versus armies with lots of S7 attacks (empire and dwarven cannons for example) as a single wound means your chariots turns into a pile of firewood. Try to use two together and charge them in the same unit. It will almost always brake.

Get some warhounds. Use them in units of 5 to screen your troops from missile weapons, bait chargers by fleeing with the hounds so that their failed charge brings them in charge distance from your units, and maybe even go after warmachines. Mine never survive that long though. :o

Buy some furies. They fly and can be used to screen your troops. But what they do best is go after warmachines and missile troops. High mobility, fear, daemonic saves you will love them.

Drop the foot-slogging daemonettes. In fantasy they pretty much suck. No rending here like in 40K (although the rending daemonettes are history from 40K as well :mad:). Get some mounted ones. Fast cavalry with the charge distance of a flyer is incredible. Use them to charge the flanks of units while your knights charge the front. They will negate the enemies rank bonus plus they are decent in combat as well. Units of 5-6 are what you need.

Finally heroes. I would advise you to leave the lord home and just use an exalted champion. He costs half as much and is almost the same stat wise. Use the extra points for more troops as chaos is always outnumbered. Mount the exalted on a barded steed and stick him in your chaos knights. Armed with a flail he will have S7 on the first round of combat and one round of combat is probably all that you are going to need.

As mentioned on the marauders part get another exalted or aspiring champion armed with a great weapon and a helm of many eyes if you are determined to use them.

Finally magic! Magic in fantasy is only worth it if you use lots of it. In a 2k game a single wizard will do absolutely nothing. So my suggestion is either leave the sorcerer level one with two dispel scrolls to deal with enemy magic, or use at least three spellcasters. Depends on you really.

I will stop now as this post is already way to big. If you have further questions ask! ;)

28-11-2007, 10:34
ok so i did prety much everything wrong?
thats cool thats why i asked for help. i will write a new list,taking into account what has been said above and have it up by tomoro.
thanks again guys

28-11-2007, 10:47
allow me to disagree on the warrior/deamonette subject! just telling any new player to steer clear of certain units and showing him the Win At All Costs perspective isn't going to help much, neither them, nor the hobby in general..
(sorry if this comes out harsh, Dominatrix, it's a general comment..;) )

My piece of advice is to avoid using huge, pricey units (that would be th 9-knight unit), use large blocks of marauders to gain static combat resolution and refrain from using mark of slaanesh that much. The reasoning behind this is that immune to psychology is a mixed blessing, and has a serious disadvantage:you can't flee from a charge! chariots would be better off undivided if you ask me.

Warriors are nice, make sure you use them 6-wide for the extra attacks. Consider giving them shields for missile protection and as an alternative vs really tough foes. (try it out and see how this works for you).

Heroes in a chaos army, while really tough and effective, tend to eat up a lot of your points. Try cutting down on the heroes to include a unit of marauder horsemen, some hounds and a small-ish unit of furies to add some manoeuvrability to your force.

Final;ly, don't get disheartened by a loss or two, you'll eventually get the hold of how every unit interacts with the rest of the force and what its capabilities are. Welcome to WHFB! :D

28-11-2007, 11:05
No offence taken really. RobZie asked for advice however. My suggestions are just that suggestions. And they are the product of eight years playing and refining my tactics as a chaos player. They certainly do not constitute a way to "Win At All Costs". They are just some pointers to make his army more effective. But he is making the classic mistakes every player new to chaos is making. So I could tell him "no advice for you, do whatever you like until you figure it out on your own" or since he asked for advice give him some.

Besides pretty much everything you have suggested is in agreement with what I have. ;)

01-12-2007, 04:11
You lost to Gonlins? Man. Those Goblin players must be real good :D:D:D