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28-11-2007, 20:11
OK I think the title needs a little explaining. My recent Empire army has focused heavily on speed over the traditional Empire gunline and I want to expand my look at maneuverability even futher. People sugested that I look at Wood Elves and this is what I drew up as a quick 1000 point plan....

Noble + alter kindred, Bow of Loren, Briarsheath and shield = 154p

I saw the rules for the Alter Kindred and was instantly sold. The ability also combined nicely with the Bow of Loren to give him 4 shots every turn at a very high BS. I decided to give him the Briarsheath to give him protection from anybody that decides to try to shoot back. My plan is to bung him in a wood and snipe away. He will be nearly impossible to shoot and if my opponant decides to try to kill him in combat then I can just run away (very quickly)

Branchwraith + a Cluster of Radients = 90p

A combat character basicaly. Nice stats and rules plus an extra DD for under 100 points is a good bargain IMHO. I plan to put her with my Dryad unit to give them some extra punch in combat.

10 Glade Guard + musician = 126p

10 Glade Guard + musician = 126p

A couple of fairly standard shooty units. I reasoned that an army without Glade Guard would seem wrong somehow and they can still move and fire with no ill effect whcih lends itself to the army concept quite well

5 Glade Riders + musician = 129p

5 Glade Riders + musician = 129p

In there for the mobility. They'll run down flanks and annoy my opponant with some volleys of arrows. I'm not expecting these guys to ever get into combat and survive. They're purely there to run interference on anything my opponant is trying to do.

10 Dryads = 120p

The only true combat unit I have in my army. I figured that I might need one and decided on Dryads over Wardancers (mainly because of the models but I had an eye on cost as well). These guys with the Branchwraith should be able to tear apart a unit or two that have been shot up by the Glade guard and Glade riders

5 Waywatchers = 120p

Another unit to annoy my opponant with. They'll go after artillery or small shooting units and try to get my opponant to devote time and effort into hunting them down and killing them rather than going after the rest of my army. I'll aim to just set these guys up in cover in my opponants depoyment zone, march block several units and cause as big a headache as possible.

Total = 994.

That's it basicaly. I'm looking to collect an autumn themed Wood Elf army. That means no wild hunt and few forest spirits. I've included some Dryad as they're seen to be the most active of the spirits over the winter months.

For my army that then means no treemen or treekin, no Wild riders and few Dryads (I'm not planning to take any more past the unit and character I already have). This means I'm going for Glade guard, Glade riders (lots of to give my army a lot of maneuverability), Wardancers and a Great eagle (for even more maneuverability). I'm even concidering characters mounted on flying monsters to give my list even more speed.

So any thoughts on the list or where I'm taking it?


28-11-2007, 21:53
Looks generally good:

Limitations are that the noble can't be your general (not that you expected much Ld bump at 1k).

I think the overall build is reasonable as well.

Few tweaks: add a champion to the dryads to add some protection to your sole magic defense.

Give the alter kindred a great weapon. 4 S6 WS6 attacks beats 4 S4 attacks and is cheap. You'll only ever want him charging a flank where a single kill will probably prevent retaliation.

Musicians in gladeguard are less useful than musicians in gladeriders but not useless. If you need points you could save 12 here.

Waywatchers in 1k may be a bit to pricey. The gladeriders can handle much of the warmachine hunting that the waywatchers might otherwise handle. That said, they scare opponents very effectively and this may make them worth their points.

29-11-2007, 13:33
I agree it looks pretty good.
When I take my wood elves to war I dont leave home without a Noble, alter kindred AND Hail of doom!!! with a great weapon. He runs around from wood to wood trying to get into position to charge a war machine(that has been a little whittled down by arrow fire). The other great thing about this is, he scares the crap out of your opponent. They never know when that Hail of doom is coming. 3d6 str 4, it can wipe out a weak unit itself. I have also used it to "snipe" enemy chracters not in units, especailly mages. They usually are'nt going to stand up to 15 or 16 arrows(from one shot). I agree with Raven, only charge him into flanks/rear. I use mine to flank/rear charge when i charge my dryads into the front. drop the music men in the glade gaurd and get the doom.

29-11-2007, 20:41
I agree with the above, don't leave home without that str 6 goodness that only a great weapon can bring. I've found my waywatchers to be amazingly effective at scaring an enemy. They've also scared me when I played against my own army. I've seen them cause whole units of heavy cavalry to flee after one round of shooting. Only problem I can forsee is annoying the hell out of your opponents by never losing :)

29-11-2007, 22:11
Thanks for the replies so far. I'm probably going to drop the musicans for that Branch nymph to help out the Dryads. I'm not too keen of giving the Noble a great weapon as it will tempt me into throwing him into combat. I'd much rather have him at range throwing 4 shooting attacks a turn into a suitably soft unit.