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28-11-2007, 21:14
I just had a quick question.

When rolling a 6 and successfully causing a fatal wound, does that mean the model is slain regardless of how many wounds it has?

28-11-2007, 21:39
You only get to have killing blow on a six, when the model has Killing Blow as described on page 95, BRB.

If your model does not have killing blow, you usually always wound on a +6 unless the targets toughness is 4 points higher,

28-11-2007, 22:18
Models with the Killing Blow special rule which rolls a 6 to wound kills their target outright with no armour save (ward saves are allowed).

If the attacking model does not have the killing blow special rule it just cause one wound per succesful wound roll (unless it is a multiple wound weapon).

29-11-2007, 15:16
Ok I apparently completely screwed up the question. -Sorry!

If the model has more than one wound, and you are successful on rolling a six for a killing blow, will the enemy outright die or suffer one wound?

29-11-2007, 15:27
The modl will die.


29-11-2007, 15:42
Thanx for the clarrification.

29-11-2007, 15:50
As long as its not a monster or on a larger base - so for instance you can't normally KB an Ogre or anything bigger. Also, in the case of a Chaos Lord on Dragon, you could KB the Lord, but not his mount.

29-11-2007, 15:51
Perhaps we should list all the exceptions to the Killing Blow rules?


29-11-2007, 15:55
Any model with a US higher than 1 is immune to Killing blow, as you can see confirmed in the Rulebook FAQ.

29-11-2007, 16:02
No I got that I just wasnt sure if it was one wound or discounted all wounds on aunit with US 1, i.e. a independent lord and/or wizard etc.

29-11-2007, 16:13
Any model with a US higher than 1 is immune to Killing blow, as you can see confirmed in the Rulebook FAQ.

Not the case I'm afraid. Models with US greater than 2 are immune to Killing Blow. It's in the section on Killing Blow in the 7th edition rulebook.



29-11-2007, 16:30
Any model with a US higher than 1 is immune to Killing blow, as you can see confirmed in the Rulebook FAQ.

I see nothing confirmed in the rulebook FAQ, could you post the quote?.

the rules for killing blow clearly states:-

This attack is only effective against models with a unit strength of 2 or less It can be used on mounted models [
as long as the riders themselves have a unit strength of 2 or less

There IS a reference to models and US1 in the FAQ which reads:-

Page 67. References to ‘roughly man-sized’ and ‘mansized’
will be replaced in reprints with ‘Unit strength 1’.
but page 67 deals solely with the rules for skirmishers. At any rate, the rules for Killing Blow no longer use the terms ‘roughly man-sized’ and ‘mansized’.

29-11-2007, 16:59
while in the subject of KB I got a quick question,

if a character in a challenge is victim to 1 KB (killing him, of course) does the opponent get all the wounds as overkill?? so if my general with 3 wounds is killed by one killing blow, does the opponent get +1 CR or +3??

30-11-2007, 06:16
I would say +3, similar to the way you get all remaining wounds on a chariot towards combat resolution when it is "killing blowed" by a S 7 attack.

However, if your character had 1 wound of 3 remaining when he was killing blowed, you only get the +1 CR, not +3, just like chariots.

I would assume that seeing your General, fresh and unscratched, instantly oneshotted would be a little more of a downer for the regular trooper anyways, don't you?

30-11-2007, 07:28
If GW had been consistent with their wording I could probably agree with you.

However, a model killed by killing blow suffers only one wound before being removed as a casualty.

The chariot rules on the other hand specify that a S7+ hit removes all remaining wounds.