View Full Version : Empire Outriders and Pistoliers. Can they work as a theme?

29-11-2007, 00:52
Alright all you Empire generals out there, I'm slowly building an Empire army, and I was thinking of doing a fast cav theme. Not much in the way of warmachines or knights, just infantry and fast cav. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this kind of army and whether or not you've found it effective.

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29-11-2007, 04:00
Both are excellent units but I wouldn't fill up my Special slots with them. 1 is usually enough. They both have seperate rolls. Pistoliers move up close to harass the enemy and shoot them. Outriders are different. You move them into a position where they can shoot and don't move them again. If they are'nt shooting, they are a waste of points.
But the big problem with them is they are terrible at flanking. Anything tougher than a goblin and they fall quite easily.
Plus they are great targets for shooting. At 21 points a pop, outriders making juicey targets.
A fast cav army may look fun on paper but you need the other elements of the Empire if you want to win any games.

28-12-2007, 05:12
Spacelancecorporal is an idiot.

28-12-2007, 06:23
I'm using two units of Pistoliers atm and I'm looking to add a unit of Outriders to my army as well. Both units work well on the flanks as they can quickly get into position (thank to their fast cavalry status) and then marchblock and shoot the hell out of stuff.

Pistoliers require you to be agressive. Move up and try to get behind the enemy battleline where you can marchblock, pepper small shooting units with pistol fire, charge artillery crews and generaly draw enemy attention away from the rest of your army. Outriders again probably work best on the flank. Try to keep enemy shooting units at long range while using your own shooting to drive away small enemy flanking units. Use you manuverability to get into a good firing position on turn one and let rip.


The Blue Knight
28-12-2007, 19:43
IMO the move-or-shoot limitation to a fast cav unit such as Outriders is self-defeating. The whole idea is to be running around the battle creating problems for your opponent. Sitting and shooting is well best suited for foot troops or warmachines. I and other Empire players I know use the Pistoliers only, and at max two inorder to retain some cannons or mortars.

But that is me, if they spark your interest, run them (perhaps by proxy) and see for yourself.

Crazy Harborc
29-12-2007, 01:48
I have had good results with pistoliers. Outriders have only yelded fair results. The move OR shoot choice is a factor. Armies like HEs move faster than the rest. HEs out maneuver and out distance the Outriders.

That said do not forget fast cav can shoot back over their horses tails if need be. Those outriders and pistoliers ARE fast cav:D A opponent mentioned that. It's how I found out.

29-12-2007, 02:12
Outriders are exellant. I take a massive unit (up to ten) barded and use them as a flank protector in their own right. Combined with a regiment of pistoliers and hunstmen to marchblock, they can devestate (and have a decent 4+ armour save). They can even in a pinch pull off flank charges that open up.

I run with a heavy infantry and fast cavalry theme... i rarely if ever use knights. You'll need one special slot for some greatswords, and possibley a cannon (otherwise you'll get out shot- a very bad thing for an infantry driven empire army).

Also take some helstorms. You need the enemy to start moving and breaking formation to get the most from pistoliers.