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29-11-2007, 01:52
High Elves….2000pts

Vambraces of Defense
Reaver Bow
Heavy Armor
Great Weapon

Level 2 Wizard
Jewel of Dusk
Dispel Scroll

Level 2 Wizard
Annulian Crystal
Silver Wand


21 Spearmen
Full Command

21 Spearmen
Full Command

12 Archers


14 White Lions
Gem of Courage
Full Command

12 Silver Helms
Full Command


Repeater Bolt Thrower

Repeater Bolt Thrower

Great Eagle

2 + 4 Power Dice
2 + 3 Dispel Dice, 1 scroll

My basic plan for this army is to play defensively and stay together, slowly advancing, while my mages, archers, and bolt throwers deal death, forcing the enemy to charge into my infantry. My silver helms will hover around the flanks, trying preventing units from sneaking around the sides. The eagly will go warmachine hunting Hopefully the wide frontage of my units will help prevent flank charges.

I was thinking of getting rid of the silver helms for 2 lion chariots. I also need some help with lord configurations, im not a fan of mounted heroes in gneral, but if everyone thinks otherwise, ill take your words for it.


30-11-2007, 00:58
I need help, please!!!:cries:

30-11-2007, 01:44
In all honesty, you don't pose enough of a threat to force your opponent to come. There's many armies that will either outshoot you or outmagic you (or both, for that matter), in which case they stay put and just slowly kill you at a distance.

I'd get rid of one of the spearmen units, drop the silver helms to a unit of 6, add a unit of dragon princes and a repeater bolt thrower. You could aslo consider replacing the Eagle with a mount for the Prince and have him ride with the dragon princes.

Note, that I am not a High elf player, but these are fairly general observations.

30-11-2007, 06:27
- Take all your rare choices.

- Take minimum core choices.

- Don't take silver helms.

- Better play two units of silver helms (or dragon princes, if you can)

- Field more (a second unit of) archers. They are a cheap way to fill your core choices, and they are good and needed against Empire or Wood Elf shooters.

- Field some Swordmasters if you can.

- Rethink your lord.
Giving him the vambraces with a 5+ armor save does not sound that great for me. Better give him the armor of caledor, too. If you go for a high surviving chances for your heroes, go all the way, and don't stop after the half.

If you still want the reaver bow, you can go for the armor of caledor and the phoenix guardian.

- You can't give one mage the Annulian Crystall and the Silver Wand.
Two arcane items on one character, are not legal.

- I will go for a mage with seer staff and dispel scroll, and the other one with 2 dispel scrolls and the silver wand.

- Take the banner of sorcery if you want to spellcast.

30-11-2007, 21:17
I have an issue here... I ALWAYS LOSE Vs. Empire...

32 Spearmen
16 Archers
8 Silver Helms
23 Swordmasters
10 White Lions
1 Repeater Bolt Thrower
2 Mounted Heroes
2 Mages

I don't like to proxy units... What army list can i do? for 1500 pts???

01-12-2007, 01:17
Ah thank you, i actually totally forgot about the magic items rule. Dragon princes are looking good, ill get rid of the silver helms and get them and maby a chariot.

01-12-2007, 14:39
ya dont take silver helms, but if u do, take 2 units not one big one. id say drop the big unit and get 2 units of 5 DP's. if u want some strong (for HE) shooting drop the archers, add in a RBT, take an eagle mount for ur lord and giv him bow of the seafarer, and mayb armor of protection and a shield. with his mobility he can get really good angles on enemy units, so he can run through the side of a cav unit, no armor save, or hit ranked infantry really well. plus with BS6 he can hit almost all of the time. also, he can fight if u need him to if u giv him a lance i guess, not a rankbreaker but a couple more casualties in a key fight can be very good. other than that, take some SM's if u can, cus if u can eliminate the enemy shooting, then the SM will outfight most enemies. also, dont take any command on WL's other than champ cus theyre stubborn, they just kill stuff and dont run. and if ur using them as a hammer (which is what ull usually do) then the anvil unit will already hav a banner. mus is just unnecessary on them too. SM are just so killy and all, and same applies for them. mayb a standard on SM's cus then u take banner of sorcery which gives an edge in the magic phase. I tried out a really magic heavy list and it worked really well, i killed a dragon with magic missiles and routed a unit in one turn:evilgrin:
anyway list looks very playable, but bulk out ur shooting if u want to force the enemy to come to u, or bulk out ur magic. id say leave at least one unit of spears cus theyre a good center.