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29-11-2007, 02:36
I played my first game against Orcs with my new High elves army last night.
My list went something like this

Noble, heavy armour, great weapon, shield, reaver bow.

Dragon mage(lvl 2), Guardian Phoenix, Dispel scroll

20 Seaguard(7x3), shields, full command, banner of arcane protection

5 Dragon princes, full command, warbanner.

15 Swordmasters (5x3), full command.

Lion chariot.

I'm not terribly familiar with the O&G army, but as I recall this is pretty much what he had.

Warboss on a chariot,
2 ork shamans
2x 15 black orc units,
2x15 ork units

I set up in a refused flank with the seaguard set up on a hill in the corner with the noble in the unit.
the lion chariot was next then the dragon princes.
thew swordmasters were placed to anchot the flank (there was a building in my deployment zone in the middle, i put the swordmasters beside that to protect them from flank charges)
the dragon mage hid behind the building.
Orcs spread out giant in the middle, shamans on hills on each side of the board(the spells the orcs got needed LoS but had unlimited range)
one black orc unit was on each side of the table beside a unit of boys, and the two chariots were near the middle beside the giant.

Turn one.
Orcs get first turn.
orks advance, one unit fails animosity, no wounds, just sits there) Magic is not very successful, he gets one spell off which i dispel (just)
My turn.
Dragon princes charge the black orks in front of them. so does the lion chariot.
dragon mage casts burning head into the unit beside the one I've just charged, killing one orc. they pass the panic check.
The combat is mixed. the Black ork champion challenges the drakemaster.
who suffers rubberlance syndrome and is cut down :(
the rest of the unit is butchered as he takes 9 wounds from the combined charge. they lose combat, fail their test, run and are cut down.
The unit beside the combat panic, break, and run off the table.
the noble with the reaver bow shoots one of the shamans, killing him.

turn two.
orks move forward. 3"
Giant charges swordmasters, who flee in terror :wtf:
Magic again is unsuccessful, I dispel the single spell cast.

My turn
Swordmasters rally (about time!)
Dragon princes loop around a forest, lion chariot turns around so it can see the flank of the remaining boys unit
dragon moves to behind the chariots and one of the boys units.
I'm in the side of a black ork unit.
Miscast! mage takes a wound and loses a level.
dragon breath kills a black ork! they then panic and run off the table!
shooting from the seaguard/noble takes two wounds off the chariot

Turn three
Two chariots and a giant charge my seaguard :eek:
Pass terror check, stand and shoot at the wounded chariot, destroying it.
giant goes into my flank, boss on his chariot goes into my front
boys turn their unit to face my chariot.
shaman casts a nasty spell on my mage (gork wants ya I think he said it was called) Dispel scroll!
noble takes a couple of wounds off the giant, seaguard take a wound off the warboss's chariot. I get hammered, seaguard lose combat, and run off the table. giant and chariot restrain.

My turn!
Swordmasters charge the giant
dragon princes and lion chariot charge into last orc unit. chariot into the front, DP into the flank.
Dragon mage charges remaining shaman.
Swordmasters take a wound off the giant (one wound! I thought these guys were meant to be good!)
I win combat, giant passes test.
orcs get cut down by the combined charge, shaman gets eaten by the dragon.

Turn four
warboss turns around to prepare to charge the swordmasters next turn.
dragon mage charges giant, dragon princes charge warboss in the back.
I cast flaming sword, it gets dispelled.
dragon takes another wound off the giant, swordmasters do nothing.
giant swings with club and kills the dragon (ouch)
I somehow manage not to break from combat.
Turn five
Finally the swordmasters bring down the giant. he falls over..........and misses :D

game over.

good game though. I had awful luck with my swordmasters, but good luck elsewhere.

I really enjoyed it. my army looked tiny compared to the orc horde. I had 43 models on the table, he had over 60.

Gazak Blacktoof
29-11-2007, 14:49
That high elf army looks rock hard, there's not a weak link in it S7 attacks might score easy VPs against the chariot but aside from that it might be fairly difficult to beat at 1500 points.

With respect to the orc army I think that's far too small for 1500 points. It could do with less black orcs and some more horde troops and bolt throwers for taking out monsters and knights.

During the first turn why didn't the orcs flee from the dragon princes? The combination of heavy cavalry and a chariot is always going to make mincemeat out of them.

Lastly you appear to be very close to each other. The dragon princes and the chariot both only have a 16" charge range (?) and the black orcs can only move forward 8", you need to deploy more than 24" from one another (out of bow shot range). A first turn charge should not have been possible.

29-11-2007, 15:07
I was on the 12" mark of my deployment zone, the orc player must either have deployed too far forward or moved too far in his movement phase.
either way he was in range in my turn.

and what self respecting orc runs away from an elf?

Gazak Blacktoof
29-11-2007, 15:18
I was on the 12" mark of my deployment zone, the orc player must either have deployed too far forward or moved too far in his movement phase.
either way he was in range in my turn.

We tend to call something like this out and re-adjust the units. As a group we actively disallow 3rd turn movement 4 infantry charges against units that are still within their deployment zone etc.

If we know it shouldn't happen then we just fudge it. Nobody in our group would have even declared the charge knowing it to be out of range.

29-11-2007, 16:31
When I looked at the lists I thought the orks stood a pretty good chance, but some failed Ld tests and a few mistakes quickly changed that...

Good report.

29-11-2007, 19:56
nice report :) just one question though, isnt the minimum number of core you have to take 2? or does the new high elf list allow you to have less than normal? i ask coz i see that the high elf list only has one

29-11-2007, 21:55
nice report :) just one question though, isnt the minimum number of core you have to take 2? or does the new high elf list allow you to have less than normal? i ask coz i see that the high elf list only has one

The High Elves only need one core choice at 1500pts

30-11-2007, 23:51
Cool, another excellent report. I quite like the summarised style, it kind of makes it easier to picture and is a lot quicker to read.

This bit made me laugh...

"shaman gets eaten by the dragon"

I have a battle with my HIgh Elves in a weeks time against a Wood Elf host. I hope I fare as well as you did.

Keep up the good work.

Radioactive Bob
02-12-2007, 15:45
why did you say 'the orcs didn't lose any wounds' from the failed animosity test? They would do anyway... unless there was a black orc warbaoss in the unit, in which case they wouldn't fail the test...

09-12-2007, 13:08
He did say that he was unfamiliar with the O&G book?
Nice report mate and a deserved victory in the end from the sounds of it.


02-01-2008, 14:50
The orc army here doesnt seem too clever in what has been picked, but then the list is incomplete.

for 1500pts I can normally field over 100 figures, but then I guess he was using B.orcs, a very expensive choice if you ask me, may have been better off bringing more soldiers.

well done on your win though, sounded like a good game.

Marneus Calgar
09-01-2008, 23:38
Looks like the orc player needed some night goblin fanatics! Nothing better to smoosh those dragon princes and chariots then three fantaics in the face. :p