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29-11-2007, 13:35
I have been using one since I started with lizardmen.

Assuming you go for the machinegun Slann, that is taking as many magic missiles as possible. It will be recieving around 4 extra dice per turn which definately makes up for the fact that it takes an extra hero and rare slot.

You will be getting atleast 3 normal 1d6 magic missiles and most likely you can get yourself one of the 2d6 ones from either death or fire aswell assuming you take 5 spells (and you will probably want to be taking 5 spells)

This is great assuming you are against an army that will suffer greatly from your S4 missiles (most will for sure) and assuming you can take out the other better armored things with the rest of your army.

However... If you start going for the harder to cast spells 10+ which you:
A= Cannot reliably cast with skink priests
B= You do not have access too as skink priest must use the lore of heaven atleast in GT tournaments.

So assuming I am against things like brettonian knights, dwarves or whatever, where I start wanting the lore of metal, or even when I just decide to get bored with just casting 4 magic missiles a turn and want say the movement spells form shadow...

I will no longer be casting 4 spells a turn.

Now, since the 2nd Gen takes a hero slot and rare...
I could just as well be taking a 4th gen and a skink priest for around the same cost. This would give me the same amount of power dice assuming I am only casting 2 large spells a turn, If it goes up to 3 then yes the Slann would be giving me 1 free dice at the cost of the skink priest which gives extra los to the Slann and can support the army perhaps better than the slann with its 2 extra spells.

Also I would free up a rare slot for Salamanders which are really great in my opinnion (least on paper... never seem to use them too well myself)

I mean a skirmishing artillery unit that causes fear, has 12" move and can negate flanks assuming you have 2 of the beasts is not bad...

So I am starting to think that perhaps I would be better off with just a 4th gen, extra skink priest and the ability to take more Salamanders rather than the basic 2+.

What are your experiences...?

Also I was thinking if I am going for the machinegun Slann, might I just be better off with the 2+ save totem and the power familiar totem rather than taking 5 spells?

29-11-2007, 14:50
My friend always put the item that retains 2 dice at the end of my turn on his skink priest. This way, his Gen 2 Slann has 2 more dice to cast with.


29-11-2007, 15:19
What I do when I go the slann way, is to take a 4th gen with plaque of dominion and protection, flanked with 2 magic 2 priests (one with 2 dispell scrolls and 1 with the diadem of power) This offer me the possibility of 8 spells with 11 to 13 DP depending. I generally manage about 5 spells a turn. 3 from the slann and 1 from the skink priest each.

This set up also allows me to try to get a big spell for the slann such as master of stone (life spell). This is absolutely deadly against armies with warmachines on hills. If i go for a big spell, then I generally cast it with 4 die with the slann. This still gives me 1 more spell from the slann (2die) and 1 spell from each skinks.

2nd gen slann is great, but you lose a rare, which isnt great, and a hero, and a slann should be flanked by as many skink priests as possible and if he dies, your opponent get 200VP bonus.

Also, as a note: salamanders do not negate flanks, they are skirmishers. There as been a lot of blood and sweat spent over this issue. So I am not reopening the debate, but I think the consensus was that the since the 7thed rules arent clear about it, players should use 6thed rules instead.

Also the most prominent aspect of the salamanders is their shooting. I've used them fairly successfully in this fashion: place them inside a forest and move them on the edges. This way, units shooting at them are at -1 for skirmishers and -1 for being inside soft cover. Plus it means that if a large unit wants to charge you, you can always flee through the forest and let the enemy unit get stuck in the forest. I rarely charge my salamanders, and if I do, it is always against other skirmishers.

Finally, you can take 3 salamanders per unit. So in a 2000pts game, you can take 2 units of 3 salamanders each, for a total of 6 salamanders. This is great, although your opponent wont be pleased. I generally only use 1 unit of 3 as my opponents have plenty to deal with 1 unit. Instead I choose a DoW cannon for my second rare choice. At 80pts it is a right steal! and is great as a slann support, because you can target enemy warmachine from turn 1. It also gives you more points to spend on troop or specials.

29-11-2007, 16:40
Even against brets the machinegun slann works well. Str 4 means 3+ save and only 6+ ward. Remember they will fail a third of their saves, and thats with expensive knights...

Dead Man Walking
30-11-2007, 00:18
I take 2nd with tepok plaque (+1 spell), protection (2+ ward) and the diadem. I machine gun him. I take 2 priests with 1 dispel scroll each. Unfortunately the priests dont fuel the slann's power pool anymore so aside from tossing out more spells to chew up dispel dice/scrolls I dont find them very effective. I have taken just a slaan and done very well with them. The extra die per spell assures you that you can cast 2 dice on 5 spells. Then the skinks tend to get one off. That is 7 spells.

30-11-2007, 00:29
Ok sure, I am hardly a vet so still learning the game, I can accept that the salamanders dont negate ranks... Sure sounds fair...

I like the idea of using salamanders in woods, I try to keep mine as close to the Slann as possible so they can actually regroup after fleeing, for some reason my skinks ALWAYS regroup and my salamanders NEVER do outside the generals influence... no idea why...

Sure 3+ for the brets isnt the best, Though some heavy cav have 1+ saves which is annoying, in these cases though I would try for the metal spell that allows no armour saves! (Though it always gets scrolled which is why smaller spells are often nicer!)

I was using the machine gunner myself for a while, It is just that now maybe I am getting bored or am really likeing the better spells... Casting pit of shades on Low init ranked units will do SOOO much more damage than any number of missiles, TKs and VCs esp, you can take out 15 or so models with 1 casting! The last spell in metal to take out what? 5 knights on average per spell! Pit of shades on Treemen, Slann, Dragons...

Besides big spells are FUN!

I just had a game today where I rolled 2 spells on shadow, rolled 4 and 5, changed the 4 to 1.

This gave me steef of shadows so my nike saurus could fly (after his 18" charge) and I could move any unit near the slann in the magic phase! nice for flank charges, nice for catching enemy units running...

Still had 3 spells left which ended up giving me 2 lv1 magic missiles and the conflageration of doom. So I could use all my dice effectively for missiles or I could use them to move esp since I eh... once again charged my slann into CC because of the outnumber + 2 banners it had...

Rambling once again.. I like the machine gunner but more and more I am liking the higher level spells.

Not only does wall of fire eg.. allow me to incapacitate a unit but it also allows me to snipe wounds onto that lord level mage foudn inside.