View Full Version : O&G Army - First Try

29-11-2007, 21:09
Hi everyone, I'm looking for your combined wisdom on this army list. Its designed around 2 factors - I want lots of orcs and I want it to be fun but not too easily beaten. My Wood Elves are very competitive, my ogres are fun but just plainly not competitive at all so now I'm going somewhere down the middle :) I've got a few games against HE coming up (as well as Empire)


Black Orc Warboss - Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Best Boss 'At, Martog's Best Basha, Ironback Boar - 246pts - Goes with Orc Boyz (1)

Orc Shaman - Lvl 2 - Waaagh Paint, Mounted on Boar - goes in Black Orc Unit - 126pts

Orc Shaman - Lvl 2 - Amulet of protectyness, Dispel Scroll - 150pts (skulks near the back can be attached to Orc Boyz(2)

Goblin shaman - Lvl 2 - Staff of Sneakiness, Mounted on Wolf - 152pts (joins Wolfriders)

Orc Boyz (1) x 21 - Shields and Musician (BOWB goes here) - 131pts

Orc Boyz (2) x 20 - Shields, Musician, Standard - 135pts

Orc Boyz (3) x 20 - As Above - 135pts

Goblin Wolfriders x10 - Spears, Musician - 136pts (Goblin shaman goes here)

Black Orcs x 20 - Shields and Full Command, Magic Standard (Butchery or Waaagh not decided yet) - 343pts (Mounted Orc Shaman goes here)

2 x Orc Board Chariots - 160pts

Goblin Doom Diver - 80pts

Giant - 205pts


Remember this is supposed to be fun (chariots, doom diver, giant, lots of magic) but also competitive (hence solid units of Orc Boyz).

What do you think?