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16-09-2005, 01:54
Being the bad-invisible kind of guy that I am I have Advent Children, thought I'd share some pics and stuff and maybe get some discussion going.

The following pictures are massive spoilers, don't look it you don't want to know.


As for the movie itself - awesomeness.
I'm a real FF purist, and I'm not afraid to form my own opinion - I wouldn't have enjoyed it if it sucked. Some people have complained that it lacks plot, but they're siply not digging deeply enough. Certain characters (the chap in that first pic, for example, I won't name him, you should recognise him) have very odd motivation and mysteries surrounding them.
I can't say much without revealing details, but the battles are incredible, I guess the easiest comparison is the Matrix, but my honest opinion is that most of the fights in this movie beat the Matrix hands down.

I'll leave it at that until we get some discussions going.
Oh, and I'm not a pirate - I've already bought and payed for the movie, I just DL'd it while I'm waiting. No lectures please.

16-09-2005, 13:12
Looks just as amazing as expected!

Is the storyline anything like the game? or does it just have the same characters?

Hmmm. Is the guy in the first pic Rufus?

16-09-2005, 14:04
The story is as follows

When Sephiroth enterted the lifestream in the Nibelheim incident the Jenova head which he carried was absorbed too, since then all the children that were born have Jenova in their bodies. After Sephiroth was killed at the North Crater the lifestream seems to have rejected him and he was 'reborn' into three distinct parts - Kadaj, Loz and Yazzo. In the movie they're tryign to get everyone with Jenova Cells (the kids who've been born, Cloud, themselves, and th remaining Jenova cells which are in Rufus' possesion) into one pace so that the Reunion can take place and Jenova can continue it's plan.

Oh, and that chap is who you think he is, it also appears he's been injected with Jenova Cells at some point, since he has Geostigma, which is the body trying to fight off Jenova's corruption.

The movie was really worth the wait, it's just incredible.

Reno and Rude play suprisingly large roles, mainly as comic relief, and they're very, very funny all of the way through.

This fight is one of the most incredible I've ever seen, but I think one of the earlier battles in the movie kind of beats it with sheer coolness

16-09-2005, 14:42
ok, ok. i have a few questions, i havn't seen it so don't spoilzor me!

1) confirm: is cait sith in it?
2) is eminem actually a voice in it?

that is all...for now...

16-09-2005, 14:44
Cait is in the movie, but apart from Cloud and Tifa the rest of the AVALANCHE gang take a backseat, so you only see them briefly.
I grabbed a screen of him for you, you can see him on Nanaki's head, which is where he spends most of the movie, being a pain and bashing poor Nanaki on the head. :eyebrows:

Eminem is not in it, that was a **** joke at IMDB, they always do stunts like that, a few weeks ago 50Cent was listed as the voice of Epona (a female horse, if you can believe that.) in the new zelda game. Take no notice.

16-09-2005, 14:58
do they play the final fantasy 7 boss music at any point during the movie?

are there any mogs in it?

and...do we see anywhere apart from midgar and the forest - like wutei and cosmo canyon?

16-09-2005, 15:05
Yes there's a remake of the battle music when Tifa and Loz are fighting, there's also a remix of the boss music when Kadaj and Cloud are duelling in this scene:

There is a Mog, a little girl with Geostigma has a stuffed toy Mog. Here it is:

The main setting is Midgar/Edge City, we also see Ajit (the Ancient Capital) and a new location called Healin Lodge which is located to the east of Midgar:


Sgt John Keel
16-09-2005, 21:36
It's an excellent movie. And it's all the small touches that make it good, like when Cloud's eyes become normal when he becomes free of Geostigma, and the phone's ringtone after the battle in Aeris'/Aerith's church.

Although I don't like the fact that Aeris/Aerith is cheating when Cloud are about to kill Bahamut Sin. (Though it's a nice touch.) Why can't they let Sephiroth win!