View Full Version : Need advice on Space Wolves

30-11-2007, 03:53
I'm seriously thing about playing the Puppies. In fact, I'm taking a break from scratch building a drop pod to write this. I know no one can predict the future, but I wanted to get people's opinion on what would be "safe" to put together. I'll probably put a Russ together, cause I could always use in Apoc games if it does get dropped in the new book, but mainly I'm wondering if people think they will seriously change the weapons load-out on units.

Will terms be like chaos and retain the mix and match between power weapons, claws, and pfist? Seems like true grit may be on the way out, are Grey Hunters likely to lose the ability to mix CCW+BP and Bolter? Maybe they will pull a csm and just give them full kit. Anyway, looking forward to any ideas anyone might have.