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30-11-2007, 04:04
I've got a couple of games against staff members at my local store saturday. I'm planning on taking my new Lizardman army along and seeing how they do. I just need a little help with composing an army list to defeat the store managers Beastman army of nurgle(primary) and the others staffers Savage Orc or Ogre army (secondary).

Currently I have:
2 units of 30 Saurus with hand weapons
12 Skinks with Blowpipes
12 skinks with javalins
16 Saurus cavalary
A stegadon
24 unassigned skink
A saurus hero on colod one
Saurus hero on foot
and a Skink priest

So how should I compose an army with this list?

30-11-2007, 04:15
Take a Blessed Spawning of Quetzl List - available for free download off of the GW site, just go to the lizardmen page. I recommend the following with what you have, using the Quetzl list:

20 saurus, full command, Quetzl

20 saurus, full command, Quetzl

14 skinks, blowpipe, scout

14 skinks, javelin, scout

14 skinks, javelin

5 cold ones with huanchi banner, musician, standard, put character with cold one here. Give him gear such as maiming shield, scimitar of the sun, aura of quetzl, blessed spawning of tepok, quetzl, itzl

6 cold ones with full command


scar vet with great weapon, shield, charm of the jaguar warrior, tepok, quetzl

skink priest with 2 scrolls

30-11-2007, 04:45
Thanks for that, sorry forgot to mention the points limit is 1500pts.

02-12-2007, 04:29
If you're a LM player, I hope you know of The Pyramid Vault. It is the best LM site I've seen.

02-12-2007, 15:57
1. saurus infantry in 2 units of 15. this really is sufficient size for these tough guys.
2. put the skinks with blow pipes as scouts
3. make 3 units of skinks with javelins. i find their added mobility useful.
4. make your saurus scar-vet on foot as a BSB, arm him with the magic item that allows him 9" move, and tool him for combat, rather than a magic standard.
5. put the BSB and the skink priest in a unit of skinks with javelin. this should serve as the fulcrum of your battle line. to each side would be one unit of saurs and one unit of skinks with javelin.
6. make you general the scar-vet that is mounted. put him with your cold ones.
7. do not make one large unit of cold ones. you are better with either 2 units of 8 or 3 units of 5.

8. consider using the sacred host of quetzl as suggested. (this will give your skinks 4+ save in hth, which makes them reasonable, especially if the BSB is nearby, your saurus infantry will be 3+ save, same as your cold-ones)
9. consider giving your scar vet tepoc marks as well to further your magic defense (2 for the army, 1 for the priest, 2 for the 2 scar vet marks, giving you a very viable 5 dispell dice)

if this is more points than 1500, trim down the number of cold ones.

02-12-2007, 16:10
Yeah the pyramid vault is great (http://www.pyramidvault.net). Anyway, I would say that units of 30 Saurus are a bit too big; I would go with units of 20.

Skinks are great; I found the best size for them is 10-13. I would suggest you go with javelins over blow pipes but thatís a matter of opinion. Scouting skinks can be good but they tend to die too quickly to be of any real use, though that varies from opponent to opponent.

The Saurus on foot should be made into a JSoD (Jaguar Saurus of Doom), thatís a Saurus Scar Vet/Old Blood with a great weapon and the charm of the jaguar warrior. He moves 9', charges 18', and has St 7. Stick him in a unit of Saurus and have him charge out of the unit at any chariots and they will be destroyed.

I wouldnít take anymore that five or six SCoR, they move fast but they are fragile as they only have AS 3. The hero on the cold one would greatly boost their hitting power and I would suggest giving him a Sword of Battle and the Maiming Shield for those nice extra attacks. I would also give the SCoR a magic banner, either Huanchiís Blessed Totem or the Jaguar Standard.

Thats all for me, hope your battles go well.

02-12-2007, 17:28
Given what you have access to, this is the list I would use. Another option you have is to take a sacred host army, quetzl would be your best bet, but Sotek and Tepoc are good too if you expect to be running into opponents that are heavy in the magic phase. Anyway without anymore delay here is what I would recommend.
1500 pts

- Scar-Vet – 177pts

 Blade of Chotec
 Bane Head
 Sotek
 Itzl
 Coldone

- Scar Vet ("Jaguar Saurus of Doom) 178 pts
? Charm of the Jaguar Warrior
 Glyph Necklace or Aura of Quetzl
 Great weapon
 Quetzl
 Sotek

- Skink Priest - 135 pts
? Diadem of Power
? lvl 2

(15) Saurus - 210 pts
? Full Command

(15) Saurus - 210 pts
? Full Command

(13) Skinks - 78 pts

(13) Skinks - 78 pts

(13) Skinks - 78 pts

(13) Skinks - 91 pts
? Scouting

(5) SCOR - 265 pts
? Full Command
? Huanchis Banner

Something you can change up if you want is to exchange your SCOR for the Steg and then you will have 30 points to beef up your characters or add more skinks to the mix. Just my thoughts, hope your battles go well and the Old ones are with you.