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30-11-2007, 05:08
this list is my current shot at killing dwarves. keep in mind thet this army is: A: every model I currently own
B: VERY themed. (after the sunken city of chupayotl, sacred host of Tzunki, water god. I've even given ALL of my models green-stuffed fins and seaweed!)

Saurus scar-vet on cold one: light armour, sheild, spear, hand weapon, pirhana blade
sacred spawnings of: itzl,quetzl, sacred host of tzunki
(dwarves have runic weapons that can break the pirhana blade, so he has a spear as well.Also, im trying to cram this list up to 1000 points.)
141 pts

skink preist: hand weapon, diadem of power, bane head, lvl. 2 wizard, scout, sacred host of tzunki
120 pts

saurus(16), hand weapons, spears, sheilds, command group
sacred spawnings: sacred host of tzunki
264 pts

skinks(12), hand weapon, blowpipes, scouts,
sacred spawnings: sacred host of Tzunki
84 pts
(screens. dwarves have armour piercing guns, so i dont bother giving them a 6+ save!)


whatcha' think?

30-11-2007, 05:43
Sadly, it's not allowed to have mundance alternate weapons when you have chosen a magical one.

Do you feel the spears on the Saurus warriors is important for your theme? It's fairly costly, and the second rank doesn't get their extra attack with them. But modelled as tridents, I can see it looking pretty spiffy!

By the way, 16 Sarus warriors is a bit awkward, since ranks are 5 wide these days. It's unlikely you can do much about it, given that you have no more models... I'd drop 1 and the spears on them, though, and proxy a second group of skinks.

Alternatively, I bet you could drop down to 750 and have a feasible army left. Drop the skink priest perhaps, since it's unlikely you'll veer get a spell off against dwarfs below at least 1,500 points.

Dead Man Walking
01-12-2007, 01:45
When it comes to dwarves the best way to beat them is to be mobile and lethal.

You have too many characters for a 1k game (or rather too many points spent on them.) and since you are against 4+ dispel dice I would toss the skink priest and add more skinks.

To beat dwarves in combat your going to need to hit flanks along with your frontal assault. That is not going to happen with 2 units of saurus. They are average speed and you need either more units to open up tactics of hitting flanks or you need more speed to get on the flank.

AT 1k game I would say take 3 units of 10 and 2 units of skinks.

If you had -any- model at your disposal I would field saurs char on coldone + enchanted shield & 3 units of skinks and 3 units of 3 kroxigor + a unit of 3 salamanders. Thats hard hitting speed + amazing firepower. Salamanders clean up in large games so they will massacre in small games. (You can also use them for a nice charge, so thats 4 hard hitting fear causing charging units that march 12" a turn.)