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30-11-2007, 08:53
Dwarf Lord 296 pts
MrKragg, RoSnorri, RoFury, RoStone, MroSpite
ShieldBearers, GW

Thane - 142 pts
MrSwiftness, RoCleaving, MroDismay

Thane - 144 pts
MroGromril, RoResistance
20 Warriors 205 pts
Shield, FC

10 Thunderers 150 pts

14 Longbeards 221 pts
GW, Shield, FC
14 Ironbreakers 242 pts
FC, RoCourage

13 Hammerers 224 pts
FC, RoStoicism

Cannon 130 pts
RoForging, RoBurning

Cannon 125 pts
Organ Gun 120pts

I don't have a clue what I'm doing. My standard list works fairly well, but against Ogres, my Dwarfs get massacred. So I'm trying to come up with a different list.
I've included MroDismay and Challenge to help out with the movement.
Other than that, I really don't know what to do.
As for my Dwarf Lord, I need him fully kitted for combat. Since he knows I like taking decked out lord, he'll most likely take a tyrant with Cathayan Longsword, and another thing that gives -1 to hit, and 5+ ward save.

Any advice on helping me fight Ogres will be appreciated

30-11-2007, 12:44
You should invest in a gyrocopter and use it to march block. Ogres are fast, and any way to slow them down allows you to get more shots in before they get to combat.

I'd also replace one of your thanes for a runesmith to help against magic, and I'd make the other thane a BSB.

30-11-2007, 17:16
The gyrocoptor is certainly a pain in the butt for ogres, just keep it away from the leadbelchers.

You're going to eventually lose out to a decent amount of ogre magic and have a tough time keeping up with all the buffs that need dispelling. Some runepriests would not go badly for you.

And Oathstone can really save your bacon at the right time. Ogres win a lot of combats through denying your rank bonus. The right oathstone usage can majorly screw up one of their charges, and give you time for a countercharge.

You can always go more gunline, but the ogre player will hate you and lose a lot of respect. I have major respect for dwarf players that don't just gunline my ogres to death.


he'll most likely take a tyrant with Cathayan Longsword, and another thing that gives -1 to hit, and 5+ ward save.

The -1 hit is a greyback pelt and the 5+ ward save is a wyrdstone necklace.

And if he's taking a CLS instead of a tenderiser on his Tyrant, he's an idiot and he's giving up a major advantage.

30-11-2007, 20:58
instead of cannons go with bolt throwers, as one shot can, on a lucky shot, kill an ogre forcing a panic.

01-12-2007, 08:46
Oh yes, I forgot to mention few things. I didn't bother with Runepriest cause my friend knows hes not going to get anything through unless he takes 2 Butchers. So he doesn't take ANY magic.
As for Bolt throwers, I'd gladly take them, but I refuse to cough up another $60 something dollar Canadian for them.

What I'm really trying to decide on is whether I want to take Thunderers or not. I haven't had much luck with shooting, any form of shooting that involves BS actually...
So if I take out the thunderers, I'll have enough points for a BSB, and Oath Stone for a Thane.

As for Gunlines, I refuse to go gunline. I'll meet the Ogres head on. Real Stunties settle grudge with edge of an Axe, not black powder.

01-12-2007, 12:59
keep the thunderers, but drop the shields.
however, if you dont want blackpowder, drop a cannon and the thunderers and take some quarrelers. remember, orgre armour saves are reasonable at best. use this to your advatage. the thunderers str 4 arour piercing should wipe out any save his bulls, leadbelchers etc get, so it may be wise to put more of them in.

vampires are cool!
01-12-2007, 13:14
Plan, you got balls, big brass balls. Hats off to you.

If he's like me and he goes all combat then, you defiantly need that copter. Slowing him down is you main aim. I'd also recommend some really really concise and considered deployment - the right unit to meet his charge can break him.

With dwarfs you have good solid leadership so if people tell you to take Slayers, ignore them. A flame cannon, whilst pricey is a good investment. Miners are also something you could consider. Their ability to pop up anywhere gives you a real edge in combat. I've had my butt handed to me on several occasions when a rear charge has opened my lines up.

Also, does he use Gnoblars?

02-12-2007, 03:36
This is more or less his list.
Tyrant with 5+ Ward save, and Magic weapon (variable)
2 unit of 3 Bulls
1 unit of 3 Irongut (Bruiser goes here)
2 unit of 2 Leadbelcher
1 unit of 3 Maneaters with Cathayan Longswords (Tyrant goes here)
1 unit of 20 odd Gnoblars (scouts)
and a Giant.
It's not quite 2k, but he buffs it out with magic items and such.

Only thing I'm really worried about are his Maneaters, and Irongut.
Especially Maneaters, since they're immune to psychology, MRo Challenge and Dismay won't work

And a question, if I score 3 wounds with a weapon that has MroSmiting, and roll 3 or higher for all 3 wounds, does it kill 3 Ogres? Or is the D6 thing resolved after all 3 wounds are scored?

16-12-2007, 20:20
Take only a thane and made the other a BSB, or left at home both the Thane and take more Thunderers, without shield, and a unit of 12 Miners (6x2) with FC

17-12-2007, 00:58
I'm taking no more than 4 units of shooty things. Whether it be Thunderers, or Warmachines. I'm not going to rely on a gunline to beat the Ogres.
If I wanted a gunline, I'd use a Cannon, 2 Bolt Throwers, Grudge Thrower, and 3 units of Quarrellers, and 2 Organ guns. But like I said. I'm settling this with an edge of an Axe, not with black powder.

Also I'll be dropping MroDismay and using a BSB instead. RoDismay isn't nearly reliable enough. Even against Ld 7