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30-11-2007, 12:36
Hey guys! New to the forum! I just recently started playing Vampire Counts and have a pretty good knowledge of the army and have almost all the models which are in good unit numbers. Basically I'm asking for help with some tactica. What is the best way to run them, not just opinion, tourney fact and such. And what can I do against several armies to really put the hurt on em?

High Elves
Dark Elves
Wood Elves

Any and all help appreciated. I know they are redoing them but it will be a while and I plan on playing a BUNCH in the next few weeks. Also, are Sylvanians worth doing? I can't remember if they are in the army book or not but everyone tells me about them all the time. Thanks.


30-11-2007, 13:03

When playing VC there's one thing that's more important tan anything. Outnumbering combined with fear. When you win combats against outnumbered opponents that doesn't cause fear themselves, they will run on anything that isn't a double 1. To do this you should try to retain your static combat resolution (ranks, standard, etc) at all times, while at the same tim negativ your opponent's (flank charges, killing the BSB, etc).

Against ogres it's a bit different, as they cause fear, and thusly don't run as easily. Just try to use outnumbering and static combat resolution to make them run, and you'l be fine. Fighty characters is a must here, which is where a count and a thrall (in my case) comes handy.

As you can tell, ranks and outnumbering is important against all enemies, as your skeletons and zombies isn't the best fighters out there. Black knights are great for flank charges, but also for front charges against weaker foes.

Good luck, and hopefully you'll get something out of my rambling.

30-11-2007, 15:34
Well, first off - youre going to be a bit disappointed going up against Wood Elves and Empire if you're wanting to win... Things might be different with the new army book when it comes out in April, but for the moment, against those two at least youre pretty much fodder. Especially Wood Elves.

To be honest its probably the worst time to be starting a VC army, as new models are coming out in about 4-5 months, as well as the dread possibility of some units being phased out altogether, or made 'less usable'. You have been warned!

Currently though, against things like Ogres, Dark Elves and High Elves, Spirit Hosts are good, as they lack a lot of units capable of doing magic attacks. Used best in a unit of 3 imo, less and they never tend to outnumber, and more and they tend to be a bit unweildy. Magic is important, and since you can raise units, its generally worthwhile having plenty of spare zombies and skeletons.

Two standard competetive lists tend to be either the Blood Dragon, with lots of black knights, and maybe a BSB with Cursed Book, and a couple of necros. You get a reasonable amount of magic (3 lvl2s) and hit hard and fast. However, it suffers against gunlines, and can have issues against Cav Heavy armies, as they can often charge further (especially Brets and High Elves). The other is the total magic heavy, with a twinked necrarch or Master Necromancer, and lots more necromancers, combined with a crapload of skeletons and zombies. Wall of bone and rotting flesh moves forward and swamps everything. However, suffers bigtime from WE, who just either hide in woods, or demolish the units with all their horrible dryads, treemen, etc, and also empire if they turn up to the party with Arch Lector and War Altar, and especially from Steam Tanks - which are the total and utter bane of all current VC builds.

Personally though, i quite like a VC count, a Wolf Form Thrall with GW, and a couple of necromancers, combined with a couple of big units of skels, 2 units of direwolves (one of 10, one of 5) some spirit hosts, a banshee, a big unit of black knights (9) and a small unbarded unit of 5. Nice and balanced, hits well, has sufficient magic to survive at least, and the Thrall can go chariot and warmachine hunting with his direwolves :)

01-12-2007, 04:30
Awesome, this is helping me so much. yes I know about the big revamp, pardon the pun, of the VC. I hope they get better and not worse, and I'm prety optimistic about that. Thanks for the help guys, come on, somebody else chime in! The more the merrier! I wanna get my lists solid! Also, any more info on the sylvies will be nice. Later.

01-12-2007, 05:11
Check out the VC tactics thread for the "old school" tactics.