View Full Version : Slayer army tournament effective?

Bunny Lord
30-11-2007, 17:03
ive been thinking of starting a new slayer army over the holidays but nobody i know plays them. First of all i would like to know if there tournament legal. (i presumed so if its from SOC). And wether its an effective tournament army.

P.S. i wasnt sure where to post this so im sorry if i posted it it the wrong spot.

30-11-2007, 17:15
First of all you will need a truckload of money to make a slayer army as everything in their army list is metal. Oh and the list is not tournament legal as far as I know (same thing goes for all SoC lists).

Bunny Lord
30-11-2007, 17:34
money for once isnt an issue although if its not legal then that sucks. In are gaming circle you can play whatever as long as its tourney legal. Although some SOC lists are allowed like archaons horde and demonic legions.

30-11-2007, 20:13
i think some US tournaments allow SoC lists, so you should be allowed to use it in friendly games if that is the rule your club uses. make sure you have the goblin hewer and Gotrek + Felix for the added effect. before anyone says anything, you can use Gotrek and Felix because it is effectively a dwarf list, and they can be taken by dwarves.

Dead Man Walking
30-11-2007, 23:28
Dont expect slayer armies SOC rules to last a long time like a regular army. They will eventually get phased out entirely. I would hate to see you complaining like everyone else who plays slayer armies, "But I bought 120 slayers, what am I going to do with them now!?"

Dwarf Runelord 45
20-12-2007, 01:19
Gotrek and Felix are awsome!

Dragon Prince of Caledor
20-12-2007, 01:56
From what i see many people take missile heavy tourney lists. = lots of dead slow dwarfs...:( although i love throwing slayers into something like skellies..:) or a beast of some kind...:)

20-12-2007, 02:58
SoC Slayer armies are silly-powerful.

An army of unbreakable dwarfs with 2 attacks each would be alright, but the extras they were given, specifically the upgrades for heroes, the extra VPs for losing dwarfs to high strength attacks and most importantly those ridiculously killy pseudo-fanatics push them over the edge.

I'll admit they do have their weaknesses, (eg. massed shooting...although with unbreakable you'll still need to fend them off in combat), but their rules really aren't balanced.

I'd recommend against using the SOC slayer list. Even if it's legal in some tournaments you'll probably get so nailed in composition and possibly sports that it won't really be worth it.

A more comp-friendly alterative to the SoC slayerlist is just a standard Dwarf army with Slayers for your heroes and Core. I'm not sure how competitive such a list is though.