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30-11-2007, 17:14
Iíve just recently gotten back into Fantasy after a five year hiatus. Previous armies included O&G and High Elves.

The 2k list for woodelves.

Great Weapon
Amber Pendant
Resplendence of Luminescence
Armor of the Fey

Level 2
Dispel Scroll x2

Waywatcher Kindred
Hail of Doom
Dragon Tooth

Glade Guard

Glade Guard

Glade Guard

Glade Riders

Eternal Guard




First things first. I donít know if putting Waywatcher Kindred on the noble is such a hot idea, especially with the magic arrows, it seems to me that he wont get to use much of the killing blow, which would be a waste. Are dragon tooth arrows worth it?

Should I keep the spell singer at level 1 and just use her as a glorified scroll carrier? Seems magic at this point in Fantasy is bear minimum to survive or take it all the way so going halvzy wouldnít really be worth it?

Overkill with 2 wardancer troupes?

Finally, do I need a Treeman, I see a lot of Wood Elf lists with them and it seems to be the only thing that the elves have to compete against the nastier stuff out there.

30-11-2007, 19:21
well I have limited knowlege of the new wood elf book my personal opinion that the way watch kindread is a waste. while way watches are very good for annoyance tataics and the killing blow on therir shooting is one thae few ways elves have of dealling with chaos chosen knights and the sort. but if they get caught in combat they are dead meat what might make him useful would be to make the noble a battle stadard with the banner that screws over marching not sure if thats allowed though.

as for the treeman you don't need one to have a very good wood elf army and with your theme by the looks of no forest spirits it would fit any way.

30-11-2007, 19:53
Good good. I will look into the standard.

30-11-2007, 23:07
Some thoughts:
Overall nothing terribly wrong.

On the characters, I'm not convinced armor of the fey is really worth it. I'd look at the ever-popular combination of bow of loren and arcane bodkins for 4 high BS no armor save shots a turn with 30" range. This will make a mess of chosen chaos knights.

The caddie can be a caddie for 35 fewer points.

The waywatcher noble is really not a great use of points. You can give him scout kindred if you want him to deploy forward, however you cannot give your BSB any kindreds so that idea is out. Also as indicated, losing the KB from taking magic arrows nerfs a big part of why you chose the kindred to begin with. Scout noble with HoDA and great weapon would probably be a better build for the points, and he can still deploy with waywatchers as long as they deploy by regular scout restrictions.

If you want to use the marchblock banner you can give it to a unit of GG-scouts who have a standardbearer.

Regarding your troops nothing terribly wrong.

I'm not a big fan of eternal guard but they're certainly quality troops. Not sure the dryads really fit your theme but they're also good troops.

As to the wardancers, nothing wrong with 2 units but 10 is a bit big. If you drop the musicians you could actually field 3 units of 7 which would be much more potent. I've never gotten more than 8 wardancers from one unit into a combat so I rarely go over 8 for size.

Waywatchers are a fantastic distraction to your opponent and are your only forward-deploying unit at present so keep em.

You definitely do NOT need a treeman, especially in such an elf-oriented list.

01-12-2007, 00:55
Ok I will rework and see what I can do.

09-12-2007, 02:28
will one caddy be enough at 2000pts??

09-12-2007, 02:50
your waywatcher noble has two enchanted items which is illegal