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Ordo Ouroboros
30-11-2007, 20:33
The fluff in my army has five commanders

Kain the Killer (Khorne)
Lyris the Witch (Tzeentch)
Arabulus the Inflictor (Nurgle)
Ardor the Devourour (Slaneesh)
and Lilith the Matriarch (Undivided and undisputed ruler)

Each aspect comes with a dragon and At leasts for the first four (the fifth can wait as I am sratch building a Titan Dragon for her). And I coudl do with some rules for both stats and usage for all four of the other dragons.

these are the dragons I will be converting for play

http://cgi.ebay.com/Dinged-COMPLETE-4PC-SET-McFARLANES-DRAGONS-SERIES-7-NEW_W0QQitemZ350001123524QQihZ022QQcategoryZ10861Q QtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem

Any rule ideas?

30-11-2007, 20:40
So you've just linked to an active eBay auction you've not bidded on yet? Those Dragons look nice, i'll take them myself (joking)

Really, I would not do that again as you'll regret it. ;)

Ordo Ouroboros
30-11-2007, 20:45
to true :)

30-11-2007, 20:47
you really should have just shown a picture.................

Ordo Ouroboros
30-11-2007, 20:48
I was in the process of bidding when I posted, I won them so no probs :)

30-11-2007, 20:49
Moving OT....

I would either wait for the Daemon book to come out and use the Greater Daemon stats from there (as there will be seperate ones for the LOC, BT, GUO and KOS) or use the stats of (possibly) a Hive Tyrant.

Ordo Ouroboros
30-11-2007, 20:54
Adapting hive tyrant, Malethrope and Tygron rules are options also, as well as the red terror for the Nurgle Aspect (swallow whole looks like fun). Certainly they'll do until the deamon book comes out. I was also thinking of using a standard flame marker

Ordo Ouroboros
01-12-2007, 04:10
I found the perfect Dragon to portray the aspect of Nurgle


01-12-2007, 11:34
Rules-wise, Games Workshops old Creature Feature article has rules for Carnosaurs and Megasaurs (http://uk.games-workshop.com/warhammer40000/creature-feature/4/) which are ideal for representing dragon/dinosaur mounts.

Since it's Apocalypse no-one should have any objections on you using them, and you could probably even agree to give them Wings for +40 points or something if you want to.

Ordo Ouroboros
01-12-2007, 16:27
I'm thinking each Dragon should also have a gift of each Aspect, like Nugles Rot, Gift of Chaos, etc. Should up the points a little

01-12-2007, 17:56
Souped-up Hive Tyrants with wings would be perfect, and you can modify them to suit the god you want. Slaanesh with +1 I, Khorne with +1 S, Nurgle with Toxic Miasma, and Tzeentch with Warp Blast.

01-12-2007, 18:07
Extended Carapace for Khorne as well? Representing the armour plating it would no doubt have...

Ordo Ouroboros
01-12-2007, 18:12
Mayhaps the Matriachs can have adapted Biotitan rules that assures her complete mastery over the order

01-12-2007, 18:18
I don't know... It would have to be a very BIG dragon... Maybe Hierodule rules, then give it wings for an additional 50pts?

Ordo Ouroboros
01-12-2007, 18:21
I don't know... It would have to be a very BIG dragon... Maybe Hierodule rules, then give it wings for an additional 50pts?

Thats what I'm working on :)

01-12-2007, 19:15
Excellent, keep us updated and let us know how it goes when you play with them.

Ordo Ouroboros
04-12-2007, 19:45
*Forgiv the spelling and grammer. I shall have the fifth dragon soon*

The five dragon aspects of Ouroboros

For each aspect of Chaos there is a beastial aspect. A guardian of all that is valuable to that particalr aspect that will defend and attack all that threaten it's ideal. Only a chosen few are granted access the bestial visages of these guargantuan dragons of chaos, and even those who call on them are casutious to remember that their control over them is only limited by their ability to channel the beasts power. One miscallation and the weilder of the chains soon realises his or her mistake but rarely do they live to correct it a second time. Given the beastial desires of the Ordo Ouroboros, Lillith the Matriach tapped into these very powers and came to understand the faces to which she was communing. In the very heart of the warp she stood stand, firm and resolute as each of the aspects of Chaos tested her to limits no mere mortal (or even immortal) could bear to endure. Through trials of malestrom, hellfire and torment beyond imagining, she challenged the eternal might of the Beasts and swayed them, each and all to her service. But as with all things in Chaos, such so called gifts must always come with a hefty price, and such does lillith. Her fate is now inexibracly linked to that of the Chaos Gods. For every defeat an aspects takes, whether it be the responsibility of her Ordo Ouroboros or another such as the Word Bearers or Death Guard for example, she suffers pain beyond imagination. It is to her the indignations and failure of all who serve the Gods of Chaos must evntually fall, and she carries that burden with an unforgivable and murderous hatred to everyone in the warp that has expierenced failure. It is also this very price that makes her believe that she is perhaps better suited than anyone to turn around what she has all but seen as not only abject failure on Abbadon's part, but also looks on his so called crusades as little more than petty acts of Piracy and minor examples of everything that made Horus weak at the last moment of the Heresy. She looks upon Abbadon as little more than a narrow minded man, who uses the powers bestowed upon him by chaos as a blunt instrment rather than the surgical tool, which she sees as making her succesful. It is through the five aspects of Chaos she belives she can one day match, if not better the so called heir to the legacy of Horus. Perhaps she is closer to this ideal than she knows. Perhaps it is this very temptation that keeps her well within the Chaos Gods' evil graces.

Each dragon is bound to the soul of each of the generals in the inner sactumn of the wyrm. One cannot exist in the physcial or the warp without the other, a curse that Lilith utilises to it's fullest potential and knows all to well how to manipulate to acheive her long term and mysterious agendas. This relationship may seem to be symbiotic in nature, but it is more parasitic, each feeding of the other with untold greed yet holding off enough of each other so as not to either dissipate or die. The dragon aspects woudl do anything to be free of the generals they are bound to, and the generals will equally do anything to hold onto the power they so obviously have to offer. Both partners are tied together not out of comradarie but a hidden contempt of each other.

Goreblood the Aspect Dragon of Khorne

Kain the Killer's Dragon is as uncontrolable as any beast in Chaos. It is a wonder that he is ever released at all. What chains him to Kain's soul is not it's rage and savargy but an uncotrolable hatred towards Lilith. Where Kain loves the Matriach, Goreblood hates and despises her with an insastable rage that cannot be sated until Kain himself betrays the woman he fights for. Whilst Kain's love binds him to Lilith's will, Goreblood cannot be truly free to subject his full potential whilst Kain is under such a pathectic bondage. Lilith knows this all to well, which is why he bound him to her most loyal of generals. To this end, Lilith must die, but whilst Kain loves and kills for her, this can never be as he would kill even his own aspect should it turn on her, even knowing that such an act would mean his own death. Thus the great betrayer's talons are frustratingly sheethed.

Gristlehack the Aspect Dragon of Nurgle

Ararublus loves to inflict pain, suffering and pestilance on all his victims, only Gristlehack with his beatsial nature, equals such relish only with mindless abandon. Death and decay is Gristlehack's domain, and with blind fury and abandon he dishes it out. Not out of some blind pleasure, or loyalty to his "master", but simply becasue it is in his nature to do so. Death and desease is an equal opportunity killer. It takes no preference in what it touches, time is not an issue, that death comes to both the strong and the weak eventually is all that matters, and Gristlehack is as indiscriminate about this as the aspect he represents. Even those he serves are open to his decaying touch, and only those already blessed with the offerings of Grandfather Nurgle are immune to his corrupted claws. That which he cannot slay with rot and decay, his unyeilding strength rips assunder, thus leaving behind him a trail of bloated, gut ridden corpses upon which his pestilance can breed long after he is gone. Of all the Dragon aspects, Gristlehack is perhaps the most mindless, and to a certain degree, much harder to master.

Chaoshelm the Aspect Dragon of Tzeentch

There is little way one can describe the everchanging form of Chaoshelm. His form is as unpredictable as his actions. At one moment his attacks are calclated and precises, at the next they could be chaotic and wild. Such is the nature of the change, such actions make sense only the Choashelm. He is a chaotic dragon of magic, a well of power from which he can be tapped, if he is willing to share his gifts. It is said that of all the Dragon Aspects, Chaoshelm could free himself from the chains that bind him to Lyris the Witch, only for his own reasoning he chooses not to. This is a rumour that Lyris can ill afford to be true, and as such she is often wary and paranoid of her Dragon Aspect. Who is the master and who is the slave? A relationship not entirely to the dislike of Chaoshelm and one he uses to his own advantage and ends.

Tearwail the Aspect Dragon of Slaneesh

Tearwail is forever a starving void. He will eat anything to seeming excess than search for more morsals in the aftermath of his meal. Such is the nature of Tearwail, very little is left in his wake and he is never satisfied. He has even been known to turn on his own side. Very little can stand up to Tearwail, so hngry is he upon release that even when he is taken down there is always a chance he will get up again. One must never mistake his starvation as a weakness though. It is this very hunger through which he finds his strength, purpose and stamina and all of creation is on his menu. Perhaps when he has taken this small fill he will eventually consume himself.