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01-12-2007, 00:06
I have realy been thinking hard about this since i want a fun list to play before i get the models. so some advise here would be very nice.

I like to play with my CC so i try to keep magic as low as possible.

So here goes:

HA, barded steed,helm of fortune, shield, guardian phoenix and star lance.
273 points

goes with the unit of DP, should be hard to kill off with his 1+ rerollable save and 5+ ward save.

BSB,the white sword,HA,mask of the merlord
168 points

Goes with the spears, the spears have tons of low strength attack so, the BSB will be there to deal some damage to a cavalry if they decide to charge with his 3 str 6 attack with killing blow.

Reaver bow, great weapon
133 points.

stays close to the archers, will stay pretty close to the 2 BRB as protection while packing a punch from distance, his 3 str 6 attack strike first in close combat should help against small things.

Mage level 1
2 dispel scrolls
140 points

classic scroll caddie, stays with spears for some protection.

total characters 714 points = 32%


10 archers
110 points

19 spearmen
full command
196 points

will deploy 7*3 with mage and BSB


2 lion chariots
280 points

Realy want theese guys because they are sooo cool looking, and i think you need to have them in pairs or not at all to spread the shooting some.

12 white lions
standard, guardian, gem of courage
214 points.

hardhitting unit that is VERY unlikely to flee with BSB close and a 3 dice role if needed.

12 white lions
standard, guardian, lion banner
229 points

same here but can handle fear and terror better.

5 dragon princes
banner, banner of arcane protection
205 points

hard striking unit with general in it.


2 Eagles
100 points
warmachine hunters

2 Repeting bolt throwers
200 points
Will be used where needed.

Total points 2247 points

3DD with +1 to casts and 2 dispel scrolls

Plan is to have a very stable middle with spears in the middle flanked by 2 white lions that gets benefit from stubborn an BSB if they loose battle, the spear in themself are a heavy hitting unit.

Will have good fire support from 2 RBT, reaver bow and 10 archers that idial will be placed on a hill.

chariots on one flank and dragon princes on the other makes it very hard flank attacks.

while eagles take care of some warmachines

One idea i had that i want some oppinion of is to remove the entire dragon prince unit + the noble with reaver bow and make

Prince + stardragon
vambraces of defence,armour of caledor, lance
for rerollable 2+ save and a 4+ ward save with a killer dragon on top. Not the most killer prince but the dragon makes up for that.

Would this be better? i loose some fire support and RBT protection and a heavy armed fast unit but gain a terror causing monster that cleave through most things that fly as well.

All oppinions are welcome and thanks in advance.

01-12-2007, 02:00
I know you dont like magic but 3 dispel dice and 2 dispel scrolls probally wont cut it against even balanced armies in over 2000pts. I would consider the radiant gem of hoeth on one of the nobles, just for the dispel dice boost. 4 dispel dice isnt much better, but its something. I also think your prince is better of with just getting a conventional suite of armor at +2. If you drop the magic armor and the guardian phoenix, you can get vambraces of defense, which does what the helm of fortune does and gives you a better ward save on your prince.

Hope this helps