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Dead Man Walking
01-12-2007, 00:09
I am conscidering making a white lions army, and before I purchase any models I will proxy them. Below is my current army list and I am looking for 2150-2250 points. I am looking more for theme than cheese but I want the list to be competetive.

Originally I had thought of taking Khorhail and 2 mages but I soon realised that with a near completely stubborn 8 army I would need a BSB to keep them on the table. So I added a radient gem of heoth to make the BSB a mage to get both birds with one stone.

Here we go, suggestions are welcome;

Whitelions x16 Full command, Lion Standard (Mage or BSB on barded steed goes in unit to make a 3 rank 6 frontage unit.)

Whitelions x16 Full Command, (Mage or BSB on barded steed goes in unit to make a 3 rank 6 frontage unit.)

Whitelions x15 Full Command

Spearmen x20 Musician/standard Banner of elyrion

Archers x10

Lion Chariot

Khorhail + Chariot (I had conscidered putting him in spearmen unit as well to make them subborn, though I have trouble swearing off a chariot that denies ranks on the flanks...)

Mage Lvl 2 (Still debating gear.) Barded Steed

Nobel BSB Barded Steed, heavy armor, great weapon, and gleaming amulet of heothe. This makes the BSB a lvl 1 mage. (Note* Both mages jobs are to get off drain magic against most enemies.)

Silverhelms x6 Banner + musician shields (These will be mounted on chariot lions, not horses.)

Eagle x2

This is 2145, but I also want to be able to field 2250 by adding in 2 more eagles.

I am not a fan of fast calv unless its goblin fast cav as they tend to die fast and eagles have superior movement.

I typically face all kinds of opponents but regular enemies include Ogres, Orcs n gobbos, skaven (skyre.), and dark elves. In tourneys I see a lot of dwarves.