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01-12-2007, 01:31
Hola! It is I! Your friendly neighborhood blade master. Once more upon you to smite the forces of evil...


The list is 16 archers, 16 spearman, 1 mage...

My main concern is equipping the mage and the units with appropriate gear before expanding the army.

I am working on a list for playing warhammer on the weekends using the new elves book and seeing as I am starting from scratch I went ahead and bought myself 16 archers, 16 spearmen, and a mage today... That should keep me busy painting for a while... But the question is mainly what to do now?

I am at a loss for how to equip my mage for small 500 point games... I am thinking giving him ring of fury would be most beneficial so I can take on a large amount of enemies at range using him and my archers... The spearmen will sit next to my archers to flank any enemies that may happen to get close...

I also don't think I am near the point limit and wanted to add more but do not have alot of money currently... I am thinking either a bolt thrower or a small squad of shadow warriors. From there I want to get 15 swordmasters and some dragon princes... I really am looking for advice on how to progress my army to 500 points first... Then to 750, then to 1000... This will be the core for the rest of my high elve development for the rest of the year... Also I want to add a chariot... I can't decide between lion and standard... Lion is alot of points and causes fear... Now correct me if I am wrong (Which I probably am) If you hit the enemy in the flank does fear affect them even if they outnumber you?

P.S. Phoenix guard still aren't stronger =(

01-12-2007, 01:47
1st thing a Mage isn't exactly the best thing to start using as a General especially at only 500pts he's very expensive properly equipped and still fragile. But...

Is the Mage on Foot or Mounted?
Would you be interested in using Lothern SeaGuard?

But for a 500pt list for what you have is going to be tricky:
12 Archers
15 Spears
Shadow Warriors

Upgrading to 750pts:
I would recommned getting a Commander/Noble ot replace the Mage and then get yourself one of the Special Regiments you like the looks off.
Cav size 5 is enough
Foot min size should be no less than 12
Then either enlarge the size of the spears or add another regiment of them

But for a 500pt list for what you have is going to be tricky:


12 Archers

01-12-2007, 02:16
First... High Elven Mages ARE EXPENSIVE... they worth the points of course... BUT! they always are butter... Protect him in archers group... to increase his life expectacy... Select Fire OR High Magic lores...

Now... IMO... High Elven Armies are built to work with 2 Mages... One offensive and one defensive... and... of course... the combos of magic... Personally... I use the 2 mages of the Lore of High Magic... Because usually i have Flames of the Phoenix and Fury of Khaine... And one of the mages haves the Ring of Fury (30 pts and one very good offensive spell with bound power 3), Silver Wand is always a good choice, Jewel of the dusk is always another good choice.

01-12-2007, 03:06
Thanks guys... I am not to worried about protecting him at 500 points because most armies will have to move towards me... I want to use high magic. Arrow attraction I really hope for... Beyond that Fury of Khain would be helpful... I don't know if I will have enough dice to use flames or vauls... But I think I will occasionally get those big spells off if I keep them... But I will probably use him as a really awesome archer =p... That should make my range attack decent...

For the special unit I like I will probably get dragon princes and shadow warriors... Then if I have anything left it will be for swordmasters and repeater bolt throwers... Actually I plan to buy the bolt thrower first. Than my range will dominate most of the field easily.

Should I use full command on spearman and just a musician on archers?

In the long term I hope to have multiple mages... I am wanting a chariot to back up infantry blocks but I can't decide which one is better... The chrace one is awesome but I don't think it will make up its value...
But being able to slam the enemy in the flank is important to me.