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01-12-2007, 04:10
Von Carstein Vampire Count (level 2 / extra hand weapon)
Nightmare (barded)
Power Familiar
Dispel Scroll
Aura of Dark Majesty
*18 Zombies (standard bearer)

Necromancer (level 2)
Nightmare (barded)
Book of Arkhan
Dispel Scroll
*18 Skeletons (light armor / standard bearer)

Necromancer (level 2)
Nightmare (barded)
Rod of Flaming Death
*18 Skeletons (light armor / standard bearer)

20 Zombies (standard bearer)

5 Dire Wolves

20 Grave Guard (shields / standard bearer)

5 Black Knights (barding / standard bearer)

5 Black Knights (barding / standard bearer)

4 Fell Bats

I'm looking for comments, critiques and advice of course.

01-12-2007, 09:39
no banners to black knights, war banner to grave guard, 5 bats is better...i should use ghouls instead of wolves...maybe one or two bases of ghosts could help you...nice alternative list!!!
play this list and report us your scores!!!
see ya,

01-12-2007, 12:55
hi there
this aint too bad for a first list. Here i what i think:

drop the familiar from the count and give it to the necro rather than the rod. I think the sword of unholy power would work better on him. also drop the zombies that he is with and put him in with the grave guard, they need him in there. also drop the scroll from him and give him walking death. this will make him far more powerfull.
With the points you save by dropping the zombies get another necro with a scroll. Vc really need all there character slots and this will let you get a decient magic phase off with 8 levels of magic.
id also drop the other unit of zombies. i find its pointless to start with zombies as there far beter value if you raise them in game. you can then ad a big unit of 10 ghouls and an extra bat as well as finishing off the command for your wights. i'm unsure about 2 small unit of black knights some ppl say its the way to go while others prefer one big block. i prefer on big one for the outnumbering but thats just personal choice.
anyway good luck


01-12-2007, 17:01
YOU HAVE NO WARD SAVE ON YOUR COUNT! That's the worst thing you can do as a vc player (no offence). When you play vc the general is top priority on your enemies "who to kill" list. If your count dies the whole army will crumble, and don't take a vampire count and put him in the middle of the unit (if you play like that then take a master necro as your general instead), he's there to fight!
Otherwise, drop the rod of flamng death on one of the necro's and get the dispel scroll away from the count and put on the guy who previously had the rod, then get the necro with one dispel scroll a power stone. Then ditch the power familiar on the count and get him the crown of the damned and sword of unholy power. Then get another necro and put the power familiar on him. (another hand weapon is useless on a mounted character (the count))

Dire wolves work well in pairs so get 2 units of 6 dire wolves. put the 2 units of black knights together as one and ditch the grave guard. Then get another fell bat and a banshee (2 is better). I would also recommend a unit of 2 spirit hosts if you have the points.

02-12-2007, 00:46
take 2 banshee's they are the best value for points and units of 6 BK are soo much better than 5, those are my thoughts