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01-12-2007, 04:34
Tis the season to be tactical, fa la la la la, la la la... oh whatever. Anyway, this problem has been cropping up ever since I started college. Every year, Christmas rolls around amidst one (or more) back-breaking class that I'm in, and the classwork completely distracts me from the fact that Christmas is slowly approaching. So, since my personal wish list is so poorly-planned, I often ask for things on the spur of the moment, basically whatever Theoryhammer option I had the least time to tactically debunk as competent.

Case in point, I asked for reinforcements for my Black Templars in the form of some Space Marine Terminators, a lot of Neophytes, and Grimaldus just last Christmas. I got 'em. (And to nobody's surprise, not even my own; I knew exactly what I got due to the shape and consistency of the boxes. :rolleyes:) Though little did I know that my playstyle for my Templars (Terminators footslogging and shooting stuff up while I send forward 2 20x man battering rams) was a terrible list! Thus, ever since, my entire Templar army, snazzy painting and all, has literally not seen the light of day, except for the Cenobyte Servitors that I use as Loot Counters when the appropriate mission crops up.

The same thing is happening this year, only now I'm using Chaos. The Chaos Codex is swimming with good and bad choices (Khorne Berserkers = smexy / Spawn = da krapzorz) so I really don't know what to ask for until I play it out. Frankly, Chaos is a very good book, or so says my current 4W/0L/0D record with my "Night Lords" (practically Iron Warriors / Alpha Legion right now). I thought about getting some speed options for my Night Lords to make them real "Night Lords" and not just more MEQs with blue paint on 'em, but with Raptors and Bikes as the only competent FA choices, I can't find a good meshing army list. All fast Chaos lists seem to get screwed by Escalation, so the best bet is to just grab some dirt, dig in, and shoot people 'til it hurts. I haven't lost yet, and I've been playing some very high-caliber opponents, so I've gotta' be at least onto something good.

An important rule my Tyranids taught me: don't screw with a list that works. I'm sure many of you can relate. You've spent all year with your current model set, you've converted to your heart's content to get the biggest, baddest, nastiest armies you can... and then you finally perfect your army in time for the holidays. I took the liberty of messing around with my Tyranids, as I did with my Lizardmen, in previous birthdays and Christmases past. (The difference is that my Tyranids were actually winning before I screwed with them, while my Lizards were, are, and shall remain in a perpetual state of suckitude.) The edits I made to my armies were all discarded one-by-one in favor of what I once had, and all I got out of it was the age-old "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" lesson. So what do you get a general with an army list that they're happy with?

And no, I'm not an Apoc fanboy, so I'm not going to ask for anything to buffer my current armies past the stupid amounts I already have. 2000 is where I call it, period. (*Anti-Apocalypse rant censored to avoid trolling*)

01-12-2007, 08:05
Probably try play testing a couple of units using sub models, then ask for whatever works...? .... just an idea...

01-12-2007, 08:32
Sounds like you should ask for some stuff to start a new army then:p

01-12-2007, 08:41
Okay I know you like limiting at 2000 but I like to stop at 2400-2700. i hardly ever play bigger than 2k. The reason I like that size is that it allows me to substitute models/ units for diffent games and levels of difficulty (ie. One list for training noobs, a "friendly" list or 3, and a Tourny list") Also if you get in a campaign you can taylor your list for your opponents a little more.

With the above approach you have and army for every occasion and it keeps you from getting board from playing the same list over and over. also your oppoents will have a harder time preparing for you.

So If you are happy with your army list but feel like bulking it out. then pick some units you don't have (they'll be more fun to paint.) or double up on some units you like. You could also fix the old armies who's lists need attention, and you know what you need. Create variety in your list for varieties sake.

You might also ask for model similar to what you already have in order to convert them. only if you really enjoy that aspect though.

Terrain is another great thing to ask for ( I did this last year). i suggest a 3 yard piece of green or brown felt to use as a battel field and a yard each of green, brown , black, and blue felt to represent terrain features. add in a few model trees (on dreadnought sized bases for stability) and you have a pretty nice battle field you can you use and move and change up.

01-12-2007, 14:07
Okay I know you like limiting at 2000 but I like to stop at 2400-2700. i hardly ever play bigger than 2k. .

I do this to. I play 2k games but i have 2.6k of marines. Is there someting your templars dont have that is not needed normally but sometimes would make all the difference? Get it.