View Full Version : Magic Heavy HE

01-12-2007, 14:23
Lvl. 4 ring of fury
silver wand, dispel scroll 330 pts.

Lvl 2 jewel of the dusk
seerstaff 180 pts

Lvl.2 2 dispel scrolls 175 pts.

BSB armor of caledor
great weapon 143 pts. characters; 828

3X 21 Spearmen
Full Command 214 pts. 642 pts.

2X 5 Dragon Princes 150 pts. 300 pts.

11 Swordmasters
champion standard banner of sorcery 237 pts

12-14 PD/6 DD+ 3 DS's
what yall think? are there too few hitty things? I could squeeze out pts to put in an eagle and 2 chariots i think if i drop a unit of spears, but i was gonna try and keep my model count kinda high cus i cant use a lot of elites with so many pts in magic and characters. i was hoping i could protect my units with the 5+ ward save spell, and deal with enemy shooting with magic so i wouldnt need to much. any feedback would be much appreciated