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Ravening Wh0re
16-09-2005, 11:27
Well, as some may know, I absolutely adore videogames and spend vast amounts of time playing one game or another.

Two particular games have eaten a big chink of my life away: Lumines on PSP, and Meteos on NDS.
I assume there are a fair few people (gamers)on here who own both machines and have played these two gems.

Both games were made by the magical genius that is Tetsuya Mizuguchi, and are quite simply sublime to play.

Now, which do you like better? And why? How do you enjoy them?

(Please, don't let this degenerate into a PSP VS NDS debate. These games-on-system are akin to an armsdealer selling potent weapons to two different countries :))

I like Lumines because it has a nice relaxing mood to it. It has a depth of skins and tunes, and is the perfect game to lie down and enjoy with a nice hot cup of tea/coffee/ovaltine/sludge, and try to top that high score (and isn't it a nice thing to have a new skin :)).

Meteos, on the other hand, is the opposite interms of pace. It's fast and furious and tactile.
Rounds rarely last more than 5 mins, but has that "one more time factor" that is so addictive (I think it's digital crack).

I think I like Meteos just slightly more as I like the panic it instills in me. It's come to the point where I actually see the tower blocks on the streets shoot into space (in my mind). Plus the use of stylus is inspired.

Ravening Wh0re
19-09-2005, 13:08
Oi! You mean to tell me you philistines don't play games? Or rather, haven't plyed either of the two (let alone both)?

Bubble Ghost
19-09-2005, 15:29
No, us Philistines just don't have enough money for a DS and a PSP.:D:p