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Big TM
01-12-2007, 17:50
This is my 2000 pt chaos list, its a bit magic heavy, but i like it. Its open to all criticism, and comments. also I have included a "cheesy" list for you to comment on.

Main List
chaos lord
bane shield
sword of might

exalted champion
blade of blood

17 warriors
add. hand weapon
blasted standard

2* 18 warriors
full command

5 knights
banner of wrath

2001 pts

the chosen go between the 2 units of warriors, accompanied by lord. form a
solid center. exalted go with knights to hit hard on a flank, or he will go skirmisher hunting.

2 pool dice
2 casting dice for exalted
4 for lord
+ 4 casting dice from units with mot. these go in pool.

what do you think?

Cheesy List

exalted sorcerer
lvl 4
spell familiar

3 *sorcerer
lvl 2
dispel scroll

9 chariots with mot

I don't want to use this list, but do you think its cheesy or not.

Big TM
02-12-2007, 20:57
any comments?

Master Kain
02-12-2007, 21:09
You have far too many CWs - under the current rules they are too slow, unmaneuverable and susceptible to missile fire to be worth their points. For about the price of 2 CWs, you can get one fast, durable and hard-hitting chaos knight. Marauders are also good - a couple of big blocks supported by chariots would be effective and not so costly. Be sure to arm them with shields though, not flails, whereupon they become very after the initial round of combat. I would also recommend a sorcerer for a little magic defense. So basically no warriors, more knights, chariots and marauders. Good luck!

03-12-2007, 02:20
Ok the list need a hell lot to fix up. i probabally wont says it all since we can do it bits by bits. Just for those who might disagree with me, i'm only suggesting it with my experience as support.

If u r going for a heavy magic list in 2K or any 2k list about tzeentch on chaos, u should read the article by der_lex in the forum "magic 101". Ive learn alot from it.

now, for ur lord i stringly disagree of the fact puting a bane shield and a sword of might on him. simply not very useful if ur going for magic heavy army. I would say give him the golden eyes and the staff of change than mount him on a disc of Tzeentch. This will make him near invincible against missil attack and also a large target that can cast magic basically any where he like.

I wouldnt even put any warrior of chaos in here as they do is quit slow in a game. Some player just basically avoid them and thus, they become pretty usless. I would only put in one unit of 15 CW, given them FC with shields and MOT.

I wont put more knights in nor the banner of warth, instead, i would put two chariots with MOT on both.

I would also include 4 screamers and 2 unit of 5 warhounds to act as distraction and the screamers can be uses to take out cannon crew.

Put at least a unit unit of 20 marauders in with FC, shields, LA and maby flails (depending on you). this is too help and boost up ur nember a little.

for ur hero the exlated champ dont give him the blade of blood. ill give him a power familiar instead.

i'll than add a few more socerers probabally two in to help with magic. gives them dispell scroll and spell familiar. u may also chooses to mave one sorcerer and one champ as battle standard or a might combat hero. its up to u.

I havent count the poit for u. just give u a general idea of wat u need. the point may be a little over or alot over. if thats the case. I would probablly to drop the lord and put in another 2 exalted champ with MOT and make the original champ an aspiring champ instead. good luck with this.

for the cheesy list, even though i dont know what cheesy means (cause im not born in a english speaking country) but i have to say, its boring. I can understand that u want a very heavy magic and it is good not to use the list. a few cannon could finish that in 3 terms with the enemy's man, defenetly will out number and most likely flanking or even rearing u up. not so good is it? because the chariots is only unit strength 4, them cannot flank back or rearly do them out number. event though u have the over kill of 5, u can still be beaten with +1 for standard, +1outnumber and so on. so its not good.

Big TM
03-12-2007, 17:42
Didnt like the other list anyway.

I would disagree about the warriors, because at my local GW all the chaos players feild loads of them, and do really well.

However I might change my heroes/lords

How about

exalted champ
enchanted shield

Aspiring champ
banner of the gods

dispell scroll

I might drop the knights, and then add
5 screamers

3*5 hounds