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02-12-2007, 00:18
Hello all. I took part in a 1000pt Tournament today with my High Elves, and came out 2nd! Thought I'd share my experience with everyone.

First off, my list:

Noble (Lore of Beasts)
-Great weapon
-Radiant Gem of Hoeth

Lvl 2 Mage (Lore of Shadow)
-Silver Wand
-Ring of Fury

18 Spearmen
-Champ & Standard
-Banner of Ellyrion

2 Lion Chariots

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

Comes out to 1000pts exactly.

First Game: Dogs of War
His list was something Like:
Paymaster & General
20 pikemen
Paymaster's Bodyguard
3 units of 10 Skirmishers (not sure what they are)
1 unit of Light Cavalry

Our table was pretty much made up of a hill in my Deployment Zone, and a couple of forests between the two of us. I deployed everything on the hill on the right side of the table, while his was spread out.

First Turn: I move the Spears w/ attached Heroes forward with a Lion chariot on each side of the unit. I did some damage with the Ring and my Bolt Throwers. He moves around, doesn't hurt me at all.
Second Turn: Same as last time. I make a unit of skirmishers flee with some shooting, but that's all. Skirmisher regroup, no damage caused to me.
Third Turn: Both of my Chariots charge the Pikemen. I kill 7 Pikemen, and make all of my own saves. Unit flees, I catch and destroy them. He attempts to charge one of the chariots in the rear with two units of Skirmishers, I flee, and proceed to run off of the table:rolleyes:
Fourth Turn: I charge one unit of Skirmishers with my Chariot, the Mage does some magic missile damage, destroying one of the units of Skirmishers. Bolt Throwers damage some of the other units. Chariot smashes straight through the unit and continues on. He shoots at the Chariot, causing no wounds:D
Fifth Turn: Chariot charges the last unit of Skirmishers. Mage casts some spells at the Bodyguard, and my Noble attempts to cast the Bear's Anger, but is dispelled. The Mage then uses Unseen Lurker to charge the Bodyguard. Bolt Throwers bring the Light Cav down to 2 men. Chariot destroys the unit it charged. My Noble Challenges the Paymaster and they both do nothing to each other. Same with Spears and Bodyguard. Bodyguard lose static combat by 1 but pass their test.
Sixth turn: Noble is dispelled again, Mage can't do anything. Bolt Throwers Pick of Cavalry. My Noble slays the Paymaster, and my Spears kill 5 bodyguard. They flee, I run them down.
Victory: High Elves!

Second Game: Lizardmen
His List:

Scar Veteran & Skink priest
2 units of 10 Skinks
1 unit of 5 Cameleon Skinks
3 Kroxigors
20 man Saurus unit

The only notable terrain features are a hill in my area and a forest between us. Bolt Throwers are on hill, with the other 3 units in front. He places his stuff almost in the opposite corner, with the Camo Skinks to the side of my force.

First turn: I shoot down all of the Camo Skinks with Magic and BTs. I shuffle around a little, but not much is done. He moves forward, I dispel all of his spells.
Second Turn: I shoot down all of the Salamander's handlers with magic and BTs. He starts moving a unit of skinks through the forest in between us, but not close enough that we can see each other. I lose 5 Spears to the Salamander.
Third turn: I attempt to charge the unit of Skinks in the Forest and in fornt of me with Chariots, but they both flee. Bolt Throwers kill off the Salamander. He fails to rally with both units, nothing really happens.
Fourth Turn. I shoot down 2 Kroxigors and some Saurus. I charge the Saurus with a Chariot and it defeats them by pursuit. Kroxigor charges the other Chariot and kills it.
Fifth Turn: I shoot down some Skinks. Skinks rally. Scar Vet Charges out of a unit of Skinks at my Chariot and smashes it apart.
Sixth turn: Spears move forward, Magic kills some Skinks. Bolt Throwers kill the Kroxigor. Nothing really happens in his turn
Victory: High Elves!

Last Match: Skaven
I don't know much about Skaven, but from what I remember, he had:
A General and 2 Mages
3 big units of Clan rats
2 units of slaves
7 Jezzails

Terrain was very open on this table. Things went downhill very fast for me.
First Turn: I shuffle forward. Magic and BTs cause the Jezzails to run. He casts several regular and Bound spells my way, killing both Chariots.
Second turn: I move forward, cast some Magic Missiles and the Bear's Anger, and then Charge into the general's unit with Unseen Lurker. I shoot down some other stuff with BTs. My Noble Challenges his General, wiping him out. I win combat but don't run far enough to catch him. Both of his units regroup. I lose 10 Spears to magic.
Third Turn: I charge into the unit ahead, and get some wounds in, but not enough. he beats me in the combat, and I end up being chased down.

From there on out, I just shot with my BTs until I was defeated.

Victory: Skaven :(

As I mentioned, I placed Second, so it was a good day overall. This was my first time fighting Skaven, and wasn't sure what would happen. I'll definitely not forget this encounter. On the upside, his Mages ended up killing themselves :D

03-12-2007, 01:44
well it seems your shooting/magic combo seriously decimated the first two armies considering they had low numbers, high point costs. But when you got a horde oppenent with magic himself, you got beaten. Ive always wondered how high elves could consistently beat horde armies like skaven and orcs.

03-12-2007, 02:27
Skaven have consistently given Elves fits in games that I have seen....They have enough shooting and magic to match the Elves in ways that most Hordes can't.....plus they can REALLY pack in the bodies, and hell, having their troops run from you is a valid strategy for them....

03-12-2007, 03:18
well it seems your shooting/magic combo seriously decimated the first two armies considering they had low numbers, high point costs. But when you got a horde oppenent with magic himself, you got beaten. Ive always wondered how high elves could consistently beat horde armies like skaven and orcs.

It was really just the magic that did it. He was letting out 3 Warp Lightnings per turn, and I just didn't have enough Dispel Dice to fight it. The Hordes really weren't the problem, it was just that he killed off about half my army before it could even get into combat. The biggest blow was losing both Chariots first turn. That pretty much sealed the game for him right away.

The next Tournament we're doing will be 1500, so I'll be able to fit more bodies onto the table and adapt to what I've learned this time.