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02-12-2007, 04:25
Well Ive finished my Dark Wolves, with the exception of a Dakka Pred Ive yet to buy. I have close to 3k orks which will drop to 2.3k or something like that with the new dex, I will want to go back and repaint them and fill them out to 2500. However before I do that I want to chose a new project to work on along with the others.

Like the last time I was looking for advice I have a few things in mind.

Khornate Renegade IG Cult - Light Infantry, Warrior Weapons, Die-Hards, Priests, Hardened Fighters. Run swarms, infiltrating when possible I understand how overpriced the troops will be however I liked the Kunak Skull Takers pic in the IG dex.

Darkish Eldar Pirates - Since DE are on the verge of being redone, and I do feel the urge of doing a force of our curvacious pointy eared friends. Not exactly DE, not exactly Eldar, a combination of models from both. Lots of spikes, lots of chains, lots of slaves, and lots of GS leather. Cliche' DE raiders as falcons, hemonculae, reaver jetbikes etc. Eldar codex, possibly a FW Avatar for use of the awsome model.

Death Guard - I know I just did chaos but I like the FW GUO and the GW DP. T(5) everything and scythes, whats not to love. Possibly a fun place to try out water effects (slime etc) as well as GS (Ive never actually used GS before, would like something simple as a first attempt ;p)

Ive thought of doing a Fantasy army, but the only two that apeal to me are VC and O&G. VC are so old and also rumored to be redone fairly soon, and with the conversions I would like to do to replace the old model line its kinda risky. And I have issues with having to run an Animosity test for all my boys if I ran O&G. I like them being random but I think orks can prioritize between enemys and rivals, if only for a second.

Thanks in advance for any help you can spare.

Edit: And with the DG I do feel guilty of doing another MEQ force T_T

02-12-2007, 04:36
I voted for the IG Cult, but only by a hair over the Eldar. :) Of course I'd have gone for the O&G if it was in the poll. :p

Cry of the Wind
02-12-2007, 08:41
I just like the idea of a Chaos Guard army and one dedicated to Khorne sounds cool. I'd skip the warrior weapons though...you don't want to shoot yourself in the foot too much..I'd use Veterans instead, gives you a unit that can take a mix of close combat weapons and special weapons. You don't need all ccws to be Khorne.

02-12-2007, 09:29
If you prefer their Deamons to Krone and can see yourself expanding beyond traitor guard and marines then go Pestilence. Apart from that it boils down to zombies or no zombies and if you want to paint slime? :)

I wouldnt risk money and time on the current DE range myself. Even if you like some of the models, you are going to be pissed if/when they replace them with better ones making yours look dated. Just look at some of the old Eldar vs the current stuff. They also didnt revamp the range in just one go last year. Rumour forum currently has a thread guessing that GW has said they cant fix DE in one go and will release new models along with interim WD codex 'fix'.

02-12-2007, 10:06
I've voted Khorne cult since that type of theme I've heard/seen the least, but cry of the wind has a point, you should still mostly give them lasguns for the most part. You could look towards the blood pact regiment from the gaunts ghosts series for inspiration, they are kinda khornate, but are still a professional army who act like prof soldiers, only when they can charge they will charge in bloodlust.

02-12-2007, 18:53
With the khornate force I was thinking since they can all infiltrate I wouldnt see an issue really. Though theres not really anything else in Elites I really need to be taking

02-12-2007, 20:09
Go for the Khorne cult, sounds like more fun.