View Full Version : Valhallan colors?

02-12-2007, 12:27
Hey all, I just got a Leman Russ in the mail, and I was thinking it would be cool to paint it in the colors of Valhallan Guard regiment. Thing is I'm not positive what their colors would be. From reading the Cain novels it sounds like mostly whites and blues for their uniforms, but is it the same for their tanks? Any info or reference pics would be great! Thanks in advance!:D

02-12-2007, 12:58
well, the original colours would be white/green, though i'd go for a rather brownish green to represent a snowish tundra. i would paint the tanks in a single colour, a greyish white. IMO a blueish white (or blue as a basecoat) creates kinda fake looking snow.

but maybe these will help:


02-12-2007, 12:59
Any sort of snow camo would work, with maybe some light blues and greys. Theres a pic of a Leman Russ Demolisher in snow camo in the IG codex.